2017 LEGO Marvel Sets: A Retrospective (Part 2)

And… we’re… back! Welcome to the second part of my 2017 LEGO Marvel retrospective. In Part 1, we discussed all the sets released until June, including the Mighty Micros wave, the comics, and the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 sets. Now, we are going to look through the Spiderman: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok waves. So without further ado, let’s jump right into the second wave of 2017 LEGO Marvel sets!

ATM Heist Battle (76082)

Releasing in June 2017, the Spider-Man: Homecoming sets were an anticipated line, especially among LEGO Marvel fans. This was our first MCU-based Spider-Man wave (connecting to the other Marvel heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, etc), as the other ones were either Ultimate Spider-Man or the original Spider-Man sets.

In the $20 USD ATM Heist Battle set, we received our most detailed, and arguably our perfect Spider-Man. We received a similar one, back in 2016, with the release of the Civil War wave, in the Tanker Truck Takedown (76067). However, that version had minor inaccuracies. The head on this newer one was unchanged, as they had no reason to alter it. The torso print was phenomenal. The web printing spanned front and back, with other very missable details. The logo on the chest and back were finally printed accurately, unlike the previous year’s version. The sidearm printing, in addition to it being dual-moulded was awesome. This continued onto its highly detailed, dual-moulded legs. You are a lucky one if you have this figure in your collection.


2017 lego marvel sets atm heist battle


The other two minifigures were also really great. Instead of including generic thugs, LEGO gave them Captain America and Hulk masks – just like in the movie, and the trailer. Each torso, however, was a generic thug-like print with a leather jacket, t-shirt, and belt. Overall, LEGO did an amazing job with the minifigure selection, and I’m thrilled that they took that extra step to give each of the thugs masks.

The ATM build was pretty good. We don’t get too many playsets for this theme, so I’m glad we received this. It worked well on its own and could be implemented well into a city as it is well covered, although I wish it had a roof. The first play feature involved pushing down on a Technic piece, which would knock down the window. To the left side, a spiderweb could be held to place the crooks after being caught. The set could also be hinged open to access the interior. Inside, one of the cash registers could be knocked down, as it was held by a 2×2 jumper plate. The second register could be exploded via a Technic contraption, allowing money to fly out. A bike was also included. It was a good set and we definitely need more Marvel $20 USD playsets and less $20 USD bike builds.

Beware the Vulture (76083)

The largest Spider-Man: Homecoming set is the $40 USD Beware the Vulture. We got a repeat of the awesome Spider-Man minifigure. Iron Man was also included in this set in his Mark 47 suit. It was quite similar to his Civil War variant, however, there is a predominant use of silver, making his quite a unique version. Vulture was quite cool, using the Invincible Iron Man helmet in green, with printing and a leather jacket torso. The helmet was cool, but in my opinion, he is my least favourite Vulture minifigure. The Shocker was also quite cool. He had a very common face. His torso was really cool with mesh arm printing. I do wish he got leg printing.



There were two primary builds in the set. Vulture’s wings were really cool, however oversized. It was able to be angled at the right next to the minifigure and on the winglets, in addition to stud shooters on top. The van build was quite generic on its own, but the stickers really gave it life. The back could be opened up via hinges to reveal a six-stud-shooter. There was also storage space for some weapons and some stickers crates. This set was definitely desirable more for the miniatures than the builds. Also, just as a mention, we received a phone and a few web pieces, with the Power Blast pieces in white.

The Ultimate Battle for Asgard (76084)

The Thor: Ragnarok sets were my favourites of the year. This $50 USD one was really nice. The number of minifigures we received here was unimaginable. We were given the best version of Thor (in my opinion) with a new helmet mould and great torso and arm printing. Valkyrie was amazing to receive as a first-time character, with a near-perfect design to the film. The face, hair and torso were just spot-on. Bruce Banner (the Hulk’s alter-ego) appeared for the first time in LEGO form in this set which was amazing. The head, however, looked too young for the actor, and the hair-style was also quite inaccurate to the actor.

On the villains’ side, we got Hela, which was a near-perfect figure, with a new mould created for her elaborate helmet. In addition to her great head and torso print, she also got a hairpiece. Again, leg printing would’ve made this a perfect figure. Finally, the Berserkers were nice throw-ins and were great for army building with great head and torso prints. I do wish we got the Hulk in this set, although it would’ve bumped up the price.


2017 lego marvel sets ultimate battle for asgard



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The Fenris Wolf build was quite cool and used really clever building techniques. Its head especially was designed so well. The Commodore was really accurate to the film, although it was quite undersized. The colour scheme was perfect, and the stud shooters added great playability. At the bottom of the ship, Bruce Banner could be attached. On top, you would have to press down on a 2×2 circular tile, which would drop Bruce Banner into battle (and then turn into the Hulk). This was a damn good set, and one I regret skipping out on due to the lack of pocket money back then.

Thor vs. Hulk: Arena Clash (76088)

Wow! This is the best set of the year by far. First things first. That Hulk figure. It was the best figure included in LEGO Marvel sets in 2017. The detail on it was impeccable. The helmet was moulded as part of the minifigure, and the pauldron was a part of the arm. The printing on the body was just so cool. This is not only my favourite big figure to date but one of LEGO Marvel’s best figures. It was just so awesome. We got a new Thor in the set, similar to the other version from the wave. However, he had paint printed on his torso and legs. Again, he had sidearm printing and his new helmet. He also received a pauldron piece and weapon holder on his back.

Loki was quite different from his other versions, primarily because he used only blue and gold and we got a hairpiece for him. I do wish we received leg printing for him, in addition to the next two minifigures. The Grandmaster was a nice inclusion, with a movie-accurate face and torso. The Sakaarian Guard was also cool with a highly-detailed torso and face print.



To the left of the set, some of the walls could be knocked down as it was attached to jumper plates. The left wall could also be hinged forward to reveal a weapon rack for Thor to use while in the middle of a match. The lamps on both sides could be knocked down. The middle door could slide open so you could recreate the iconic scene where Hulk enters the arena (although in the movie he breaks the door). The Grandmaster had a throne on top of the arena. On both walls, there was a place to sit or stand minifigures. The rear of the set revealed a jail cell for Thor, and the other side, the previously mentioned weapon rack. Finally, the entire set could be adjusted via hinges on each wall section. Again, I really regret missing out on this masterpiece of a set.


The Milano (30449) was a nice tie-in polybag to coincide with the release of the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 sets. Nothing much to say about it. It captures the actual set quite well.


2017 lego marvel sets milano


Giant-Man Hank Pym (30610) was a great minifigure exclusive which was a LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 game exclusive. The head and torso were so cool and were quite comics accurate to one of Hank’s suits.



Finally, the unnumbered Deadpool Duck Comic-Con exclusive was and still is quite a desirable minifigure. As the name states, it was a duck version of Deadpool. The head and torso were exclusive. It was a really cool exclusive.


2017 lego marvel sets deadpool duck


And that’s a wrap for the 2017 LEGO Marvel sets! Again, thanks for sticking with me through this two-parter. This was just such a great year in my opinion for the theme. The minifigures were at their peak and the builds were not that bad either. Anyways, take it easy, and I’ll see you in another retrospective! Till next time.


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