2018 LEGO DC Comics Sets: A Retrospective (Part 2)

Welcome back to part 2 of my LEGO DC retrospective for 2018! Let’s start with a story that shows my intelligence. Three weeks ago, I wrote part 1 for this series. However, for some reason, my brain decided to lag, and two weeks ago, I started part 1 of my 2017 DC retrospective and did part 2 last week. Pinar was nice enough to remind me I completely forgot about Part 2 and so on of 2018, so I shall get back to it now! In the previous part, we discussed the Micro Fighters of this year, the Aquaman set, and the RC Batmobile. So far, it’s been a fairly alright year for the theme – nothing has stood out besides that legendary Aquaman set. In this article, we are going to look at the main line of DC sets that LEGO revealed – the last Justice League wave we received.

Superman & Krypto Team-Up (76096)

I applaud LEGO for this $20 USD set. If I am not mistaken, this was the last time that we have gotten a Superman figure in a DC set – besides the CMF series. Yeah. It’s been three years since we have gotten Superman in LEGO form which blows my mind. He is arguably the most well-known hero, yet his presence has been missing for a while. He came with the crew cut hairpiece and the Man of Steel face. His torso print was cool, although I wish we got leg printing. Krypto the Super-dog was such a surprise to get in a DC set. I was so glad when LEGO revealed him in this set. The coolest part of the minifigure was the cape and collar.

Finally, Lobo, a very dark DC character was included. This set came out during a time where there were speculations that an R-Rated Lobo movie was going to happen. Therefore, I assumed that this future would skyrocket in price, like Deadpool, so I really wanted this figure. He used the Aquaman hair in black and came with a new face and torso print, which made him look like a punk/metal fan. He came with a built-up cylindrical accessory in red.

lego dc 2018

Lobo’s Spacehog – his space bike was a cool build. It’s the character’s iconic mode of transportation, so its inclusion in the set really was great. You could sit Lobo in the driver’s seat, and there were two stud shooters attached to go against Superman. There was a space under the seat to store cargo. The containment cell for Superman was a great build. All the transparent lime green pieces were used to represent the use of Kryptonite around the cell, to ensure that Superman wouldn’t escape. The two main lime green panels could be hinged down to release Superman. Overall, this was a sick set, and I hope to get the figures from it one day.

Lex Luthor Mech Takedown (76097)

This was definitely the best set of the 2018 Justice League wave. The Batman was nothing too special – he was so similar to many previous versions. So we won’t cover him in-depth. Wonder Woman was probably the most detailed figure of the set. Her hair and face print were standard, and so was her torso. Granted – it looked amazing. The real stand-out was her legs. Not only did LEGO give her dual-moulded legs, they even printed on the sides. Wow! They really put effort into this figure, and I appreciate it.

And now, another character from the Flash TV show makes it into a set. Please welcome F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. He had near-perfect accuracy to his Flash and comic appearance. He used Ghost Rider’s dual-moulded head to represent the fire radiating off him. The actual face print was also done really well. And even though his torso was simple, it was suitable to match his approach in the Flash tv show and his comic counterpart.


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On the villain’s side, we were given a new Lex Luthor. His head was no different to the prints used in the past for this character. The only new thing was his torso print which looked very good. Again, this character would’ve really benefited from dual-moulded legs. Finally, Cheetah was in this set to take on Wonder Woman. She had a very expressive face, and a simple torso – and included was a tailpiece. Overall, the figures in this set were pretty nice – especially on the heroes side.

The print build of this set was a mech – something that has been beaten to death by the superhero theme. But surprisingly, LEGO actually did a good job designing this! The colour scheme was on point, and the overall design was quite unique – with the seating area in the middle, instead of the top. On top of the driving compartment was a six-stud shooter. There was a brick-built Kryptonite axe that was attached to the mech. Finally, its main play feature involved being able to rotate a lot of its joints. A wing contraption for Batman was also included, with two stud shooters and hinges to adjust the wings. Overall, there were amazing builds in the set.

Speed Force Freeze Pursuit (76098)

The Flash was one of the most popular superheroes shows back in 2018. And everyone begged LEGO sets to be made. The amount of LEGO IDEAS projects based around the Flash was enormous, and everyone desired to attain all the main characters from the show. Intentionally or not, LEGO catered to this audience to a certain extent by releasing this gem. If you were a fan of the Flash, this was a must-have for you. Firstly, we got a newly updated figure of the Flash. Even though we received the same rubber helmet mould, his face print had two completely new expressions, and his torso had slight changes to make it look different. I wish LEGO gave us dual moulded legs with this figure to round him out. He came with power blast pieces to represent his lightning powers which he could create and then shoot.

Cyborg was also included, with his special head mould. He had a simple face and torso print. He was nothing compared to his 2017 Justice League counterpart. This one was just so simple. Cyborg is typically a very detailed character, with many intricate parts to him – from top to bottom. Yet LEGO settled with a very simple torso print. This was just a disappointing figure.

lego dc 2018

Reverse Flash was probably the main reason that most people bought the set. Following his immense popularity in the Flash TV show, it was about time that he was produced in LEGO form. He is the ultimate, and my personal favourite villain from the Flash, so he was the main draw to the set for me. He received the same Flash helmet mould – but inverted. In the same way, the colours of his torso were the same as the Flash – but again, inverted. The Reverse Flash came with another of the built-up cylindrical accessories but in blue. Like the Flash, he would’ve benefited from yellow and red dual moulded legs. The final character in this set was Killer Frost – another character who showed up in the Flash, season 2. Only her face and torso print was new, and she was included with the power accessory pack pieces.

Cyborg’s helicopter was nothing too special – although it was a solid build. Besides the spinning rotor, it was equipped with a dual stud shooter, a net launcher and an opening cockpit to seat a minifigure. Killer Frost’s snowmobile was trash. There was a seat for her, a snow plough to move objects out of the way, and a dual stud shooter. Let’s be honest, the minifigures were basically the reason most AFOLs bought this set.


And that’s it for Part 2! Part 3 should be coming soon – if I remember that I still need to do it. But yeah, take care and I’ll see you guys next time! Peace!


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