A Ranking of LEGO Mandalorian Minifigures from Worst to Best

The Mandalorian is arguably the best part of the Star Wars franchise at the moment, so naturally the LEGO sets are able to match this quality. For me the most important part of a LEGO set are the minifigures, there are 14 unique The Mandalorian figures featured in the sets, with some of them repeated. Here I will be ranking all of the minifigures featured in the LEGO The Mandalorian sub-theme, from worst to best. I will judge the figures on collectability, detail and overall appeal.

14. Tusken Raider

lego mandalorian minifigures

This figure isn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination. The Tusken Raider has a great moulded head piece, detailed printing on the legs and torso, which features the cloth robes and leather bandoliers, very accurate to their look in their multiple on-screen appearances. However, this figure is not exclusive to The Mandalorian sub-theme, and is in 2 other sets, so not a particularly difficult figure to get. 7/10

13. Scout Trooper

Again, this figure is great, but not really exclusive, unless you count the different head print, but it’s not anything special since the main draw is the rest of the figure. The dual moulded Scout Trooper Helmet is one of the best LEGO helmet accessories in recent years and looks incredibly accurate. The torso and leg prints are a nice upgrade to the previous Scout Trooper Figure from 2013. The arms are quite plain but represent the black undersuit reasonably well. 8/10

12. Klatooinian Raider (neck armour)

lego mandalorian minifigures

This figure is reasonable, I like the reuse of the Ultron neck armour from LEGO Marvel, and it is a good representation of the scavenged armour. The head print is accurate to how the Klatooinians look, in universe. They also look good alongside the 2012 Kithaba figure, who is also Klatooinian. The torso print is the only exclusive part of this figure as the head and legs are reused on the other Raider, however both are exclusive to the set 75254. 7/10

11. Klatooinian Raider (helmet, shoulder guard)

This figure is very similar to the previous however I prefer the torso print here, and the accessories also make this figure more collectable, particularly the shoulder guard. The helmet is a nice reuse of the aviator cap, in dark pearl grey. The characters are reasonably memorable and are accurate to how they appear in Season 1 Episode 4. The choice of colours on both of them is good too. 7/10

10. Cara Dune

lego mandalorian minifigures

A fairly decent figure which represents one of the protagonists from the show. However, the skin tone is off for some reason and the face print makes her look older than it should, akin to the 2012 Black Widow face print. The hair is also not particularly accurate but it’s probably the closest piece to use without making a new one. The only redeeming qualities of the figure are the torso and leg prints, which are pretty nice and accurate to the in-show costume. The collectability also has a role here as she is only in 75254, and due to recent events, this is likely to be her only minifigure appearance. 7/10

9. IG-11

This figure is quite good and uses the same design for IG series assassin droids that LEGO has used for a while now. The 1×1 head cylinder is the main draw for the figure as it is the only exclusive part about it, however it looks really good and given the character’s extensive role in Season 1, he is quite a desirable character to get hold of. His collectability is enhanced by the fact he’s only in 75292, the most expensive set of the sub-theme. 8/10

8. Greef Karga

lego mandalorian minifigures


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This figure is quite good, the face prints look like Carl Weathers, and the hair piece is a good choice too. The torso print is really detailed and has a high level of intricacy, however for some reason LEGO decided to use dark red as the base colour for the torso, despite the fact he wears dark tan and dark brown in the show. The legs are plain unfortunately but the figure is great regardless. Like IG-11, he’s highly desirable as he has a large role in season 1 and is exclusive to the set 75292. 8/10

7. Mandalorian Tribe Warrior (Dark Orange)

The Mandalorian Battle Pack is a great set to build up your Mandalorian collection. This figure in particular has some great detailing on the helmet print, sporting Jaig Eyes, much like Captain Rex in The Clone Wars, or Kanan Jarrus in the later seasons of Rebels. Jaig eyes are representative of the eyes of a Mandalorian shriek-hawk, and they symbolise an act of extreme honor or bravery, only awarded to distinguished Mandalorian warriors. The torso print is also nice, and the new cape element is quite sleek. Unfortunately, LEGO didn’t give this figure leg printing, hence his placement on this list. 7/10

6. Mandalorian Tribe Warrior (Sand Blue/Orange)

lego mandalorian minifigures

This figure has a great, Nite Owl inspired helmet print, much like the Sabine Wren minifigure, from Rebels. The Nite Owls were a group of female Mandalorians seen in The Clone Wars, led by Bo-Katan. Unfortunately, we are still yet to get an official Bo-Katan minifigure, but maybe her appearance in The Mandalorian could mean we will see her soon. The torso print is good and the metallic silver print for the armour is quite eye catching. The torso flows nicely into the leg print, and the cape adds to the sleek design. 8/10

5. Mandalorian Tribe Warrior (Blue)

The azure blue colour works really well on Mandalorians and reminds me of the Death Watch Mandalorians we see in a flashback in the show. The purple and dark silver accents make this figure really unique. The detailing on the helmet is excellent and the print on the torso is also good. The legs are similar in design to The Mandalorian, but here coloured in azure instead. The olive-green cape finishes the figure off perfectly and highlights the main colours. 8/10

4. Mandalorian Tribe Warrior (Green)

lego mandalorian minifigures

This is my favourite figure from 75267. The green helmet with the turquoise accents is a really nice pairing, especially with the silver outlines on the visor area. The green colour used for the armour and helmet is reminiscent of the classic 2000s era Boba Fett minifigure, one of my favourites. The dark blue, dark green and dark tan undersuit contrast remarkably well with the bright coloured armour and helmet, making it the best in the set in my opinion. Despite being in a relatively cheap set, all of these Mandalorian warriors are highly collectable and 75627 was quite hard to find on shelves for a few months after release. 9/10

3. The Mandalorian (First suit)

The Mandalorian’s first suit has the ragtag scavenged feel of Boba Fett‘s armour in the Original Trilogy, and LEGO captures that look quite well. The mismatched armour plates printing, paired with the dark pearl grey helmet piece makes this figure really desirable. He also has the sleek cape element as seen on the previous LEGO Mandalorian minifigures on the list. This version of the Mandalorian is only available in 2 sets, 1 of which is the most expensive, so he is quite hard to get. The black head here is fitting as at this point in the show we didn’t know what he looked like. 9/10

2. The Child

lego mandalorian minifigures

Without doubt the most loved fictional character in recent memory, The Child became an instant hit, and has significantly led to the popularity of the show. The minifigure still captures the cute factor of the character remarkably well and the transition to minifigure form was seamless thanks to the relatively recent baby minifigure elements. The head is made from the same material as Yoda or Plo Koon. The body print has the fluffy collar of his coat and detailing for the creases and folds in the fabric. He is in 3 sets so not too hard to get but he is still quite expensive, understandable given his popularity. 9/10

1. The Mandalorian (Beskar)

lego mandalorian minifigures

This is the best minifigure in the entire Mandalorian sub-theme. The new flat silver helmet is a vast improvement over the 2019 one and it now matches with his silver Mandalorian armour. He has extraordinary detail, with arm printing on both arms, leg print, torso print and the narrow cape. His right arm features the Mudhorn signet and his gauntlet. The print is mirrored on the left but without the symbol and a slightly different gauntlet print. The metallic reflective silver print really adds to the illusion of Beskar and has increased the desirability of this minifigure substantially. The only missed opportunity here is the fact they didn’t include a face print, however, as he rarely removes the helmet there is no point as most people would leave the helmet on him anyway. 10/10


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