How to Make Your Own Custom LEGO Mandalorian Minifigures

If you would like to know how to make your own custom LEGO Mandalorian minifigures, “This is the Way!” For me, the minifigures are the highlight of the set, so when I saw the LEGO Mandalorian minifigures for the first time I was immediately impressed. However, as there are currently only 6 sets based on The Mandalorian, 4 of which have unique minifigures included (5 if you include the buildable Grogu 75318). So I have created some characters from scratch and upgraded the official ones, which I will be showing you how to do today.

The Mandalorian (S1E1) and The Child (S1E1)

custom lego mandalorian

The official LEGO minifigure of the Mandalorian is great, however to add the cherry on top, I have used the Firestar Toys Custom Print arms available here. These arms really add the UCS feel to the figure and capture the detail of his costume really well, with both wrist gauntlets, and even the reclaimed Shoretrooper shoulder armour on his right arm. This figure is based on his appearance in the very first episode, so I added a custom printed Beskar tile, more on that later. I also added the 2021 Mandalorian Helmet piece in light pearl silver, from 75299. For the Child I added a Si-Dan knee-pad piece, available here, to emulate the fluffy collar he has. These pieces are made of soft rubber and come as a pair, so they’re great if you have another Grogu figure.

Kubaz Ferryman (S1E1)

Whilst this is a reasonably obscure character, he appears in the very first episode and has a memorable design, which is itself based on Garindan, the Imperial spy from A New Hope. To make this figure you will need a First Order general torso, Imperial TIE fighter pilot legs, head, face accessory, and hood from the 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina, some reddish-brown hands and a 3 stud long reddish-brown bar (to represent the flute). This is quite an iconic alien species in Star Wars as a whole, so I was glad to see this character when I first watched the series. In the show he hails the taxi speeder that the Mandalorian takes back to the Razor Crest with a flute, which I have tried to capture here.

Covert Mandalorian Warriors (S1E1, S1E3)

custom lego mandalorian

When the 75267 Mandalorian Battle Pack was revealed, I was in awe of the great, unique designs which are very faithful to the sets of armour seen in the show. Here I have upgraded these figures with the excellent custom printed arms set from Firestar Toys. This pack features 4 pairs of intricately detailed arms for each of the minifigures in the set, and a Beskar tile, which I used earlier with the Mandalorian. Also, for the Dark Orange Mandalorian I added the legs from the 75245 Advent Calendar Luke Skywalker minifigure, to give some additional detail, as the ones in the set are plain.

Kuiil (S1E1)

custom lego mandalorian

One of the missed opportunities by LEGO was the exclusion of Kuiil in the Razor Crest, given the large role he plays in Season 1 of The Mandalorian. To make Kuiil I used the Ugnaught head from the 75137 Carbon Freezing chamber, the torso of one of the raiders in 75254 Raider AT-ST, olive green arms, and legs from a Jawa. The goggles are fairly common and fit perfectly on the Ugnaught headpiece. Hopefully, LEGO will revisit The Mandalorian Season 1 with some new sets in the future and give us an official head mould for Kuiil.

The Mandalorian (S2E8) Grogu (S2E8)

custom lego mandalorian


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The Beskar Mandalorian minifigure is possibly one of the best figures that LEGO has produced. Arm printing, leg printing, and back printing even though the cape covers it. They really went above and beyond. Here I have added a light pearl silver jetpack and the Arealight Darksaber. Grogu is unchanged from earlier, but I included him again as he looks great alongside the Beskar Mandalorian.

Bo-Katan Kryze (S2E3)

custom lego mandalorian

Bo-Katan has been a fan-favourite ever since she first appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and subsequently Star Wars: Rebels with her most recent appearance in The Mandalorian. I wanted to make a custom minifigure of Bo-Katan as we are yet to receive an official one, which is surprising given the large role she plays in the saga.

For this figure I used the Jango Fett torso, Hades arms from the Disney CMF, the Clone Army Customs Bo-Katan jetpack and helmet, Imperial combat driver legs and a set of blue epaulettes from Pirates to represent her shoulder armour. For blasters I used the light grey hose nozzle pistol pieces, notably used for Jango Fett’s blasters. This minifigure is closer to the design from The Clone Wars as the CAC helmet doesn’t have the owl eyes design from The Mandalorian Season 2. Fortunately, Firestar Toys sells a great custom printed version specifically based on her appearance in Season 2, which you can get here.

Boba Fett (S2E5)

custom lego mandalorian

My favourite character from Star Wars has got to be Boba Fett, so I was immensely glad to see him reappear in Season 2. One of the most memorable scenes from the latest season is when Boba Fett helps the Mandalorian and Fennec Shand defend Grogu whilst he is meditating on the seeing stone. This figure is based on his appearance in Chapter 14 The Tragedy. I used the Return of the Jedi torso for Boba, from 75174, as it has additional sand marks and paint chip detail, closer to the design we see in the show. I then used the arms from the First Order general polybag to get the gauntlet print on his left arm.

To represent the robes, I originally used the Highwayman CMF legs, but Anakin Skywalker’s legs from 75269, combined with a soft Kama cloth are a better combination. I gave him a Clone Army Customs Jetpack which is the one he wears in Return of the Jedi and The Mandalorian. For his blaster I used the revolver from The Lone Ranger line as it is a detailed piece and closely resembles the pistol he used in the show. The helmet is the regular one that comes with every recent Boba minifigure.

Valin Hess (S2E7)

This figure is based on the Imperial officer Valin Hess, from Season 2. The scene in the mess hall with this character is incredibly tense and the conversation between Mayfeld and Hess gives an insight into the Empire, post-Return of the Jedi. To make this figure I used the Imperial Officer from the 75184 Advent Calendar and replaced the head with a more fitting appearance for the character, which is from the LEGO Batman Movie CMF beach ring Batman.

Bonus Figure – Lunch Tray Shoretrooper

custom lego mandalorian

After Mayfeld guns down his old commander, Valin Hess, the first witness was a Shoretrooper on his way to enjoy some food. The scene of him walking in and stopping dead in his tracks is instantly memorable, so I wanted to create a custom based on him. I have used the polybag Shoretrooper squad leader, removed the Kama and added some Firestar Toys custom printed arms. The actual trooper in the show is a regular Shoretrooper but these were hard to find and only appeared in one set, 75171. However, if you own the regular Shoretrooper you can get the arms for him here instead. The tray is an upside down 1×2 light bluish grey tile, which I think works well.


Which characters would you choose to create your custom LEGO Mandalorian figures? What do you think about my improvements? Let me know in the comments! Also, don’t forget to check out our other articles about making your own custom LEGO Mandalorian figures here, here and here.


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