How to Make the Best Clone Trooper Minifigures

Clone Trooper Minifigure of Captain Rex and 501st Troopers

If you’re anything like me, then the ending of the Clone Wars Season 7 will have you longing for new LEGO Clone Trooper minifigures to add to your collection. As I highlighted in one of my recent posts here on the blog, there are only a handful of ways in which you can usually get your hands on Phase II Clone Troopers – meaning you are going to have to get a little bit more creative if you want to add more variety to the Clone Troopers in your collections.

I wanted to use today’s post to look at some of the unique accessories Firestar Toys offer which can help you to create the best clone trooper minifigures possible! With everything from custom weapons, to special clothing pieces and more, it is safe to say that this is going to be a fun look which I hope will inspire you to pick up some pieces and make your own custom minifigures! Let’s get into it – and remember, for the Republic!


Clone Trooper HelmetsUp first – I wanted to highlight some of the fantastic helmets which are available on the third-party market to help you create your favourite characters and create unique variants of Clone Troopers which LEGO may not have made yet! The ones in the above graphic are from Clone Army Customs, but there are lots of other great fantastic custom helmet pieces out there which you can pick up – including some of the ones from Arealight. Combining these helmet pieces with pre-existing minifigures can help you to create some fantastic unique characters which perfectly blend the official LEGO pieces with the custom pieces. I’d love to see how creative some of you can get with the Clone Legions you are able to create!

Clone Trooper Minifigure Helmet Attachments

Alongside the fantastic helmet pieces are a wealth of different helmet attachments which you can get your hands on. Things like the ARC Range Finder from Clone Army Customs are perfect for characters like Captain Rex – who features this unique design range finder on both his Phase I and Phase II armour. There are also even more unique pieces – like the Sun Visors, which we see clone commanders like Commander Cody utilise as a part of their Phase II armour – creating a unique look for the commanders which helps them to stand out from their troopers.

There are also additional pieces out there for unique scenarios. The macrobinoculars, for example, are a particularly useful part offered by several different third-party companies, as they see a lot of use within the Clone Wars – particularly during the Umbara arc. Lastly, additional attachments like antennas and more provide you with fantastic opportunities to create unique and detailed clone troopers. There are lots of different pieces which I would love to buy from these various categories in the coming months, as there are so many opportunities to create awesome minifigures using these parts!


LEGO Clothing


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Alongside some of the fantastic headgear pieces which are available for your custom LEGO Clone Troopers, there are some incredibly detailed pieces of LEGO clothing which you can add to your characters too. These come in both cloth and plastic varieties, and provide a fantastic level of customisability for your figures. One of my personal favourite items is the black flexible plastic waist cape from Arealight. A lot of Clone Commanders throughout both the Clone Wars and the movies are usually seen wearing waist capes which hold blaster pistols, and I feel like these pieces are a fantastic substitute for the cloth pieces which we usually see utilised to depict these.

I think that the figures look fantastic in these pieces, and feel they really add some fantastic extra character to the LEGO Clone Trooper minifigures. This is just one example of a great clothing piece, however, as there are many more out there – including pauldrons, specialist equipment and much, much more. If you are planning on creating your own unique Clone Trooper minifigures then I recommend using some of the pieces which are available in the Minifigure Bodywear section of the Firestar Toys website. You can make some incredibly unique minifigures using these pieces!

Printed Arms

Clone Trooper Minifigure - Printed Arms

Some of my favourite pieces to add to my custom Clone Troopers are the beautifully printed Clone arm pieces which are available on Firestar Toys. The standard Clone Trooper arms help to make all your Clones look extra detailed, and some of the unique coloured variants can let you make some fantastic and unique looking Clone Troopers. I have used some of the red arms to make my own Commander Deviss, a figure which I may share in the future as I am quite happy with how it has come out!

More recent additions include the 212th Attack Battalion Arms and the 501st Clone Trooper Arms – allowing you to add even more detail to two of the most popular Clone Trooper legions. These custom-printed arm pieces really allow you to add extra detail to your Clone Trooper minifigures – helping the basic LEGO minifigures to take a step-up to being much closer to some of the beautiful custom printed clones we see on the third-party market.



Printed helmets and arms are fantastic additions to a minifigure – and they are complemented even further by unique bodywear which helps to make your minifigures ‘pop’. I love the Special Ops Pack which is available from Arealight, as this provides the opportunity for LEGO fans to create their very own LEGO Clone Commandos – unique special forces versions of Clones who have never actually seen official releases within the LEGO line. Clone Army Customs also offer some fantastic unique pieces – including the ARC Trooper Backpack, a uniquely sculpted piece which captures the look of the unique back piece which ARC Troopers are equipped with during the Clone Wars television series. I also love the GM Backpack which Clone Army Customs offer – providing you with the opportunity to equip your Galactic Marines with the items they need for sustainable heavy duty combat.


When it comes to talking about elements of bodywear which your LEGO Clone Troopers can be outfitted with, we must mention the many unique jetpacks which are out there. An assortment of third party companies have produced jetpacks to compliment the official LEGO ones which are available – providing you with a host of different pieces to choose from. From jetpacks with additional printed details like the RX Rocket Jet Pack from Arealight, to the more basic White Jet Pack which LEGO released in their earlier Clone Wars sets. If you’re making some aerial troopers to support your Republic army then there are some fantastic pieces for you to choose from!


Clone Trooper Minifigure Weapons

The last detail any trooper needs is a good weapon – and luckily there are a host of fantastic weapons out there. I am very partial to BrickArms, as their recent DC-17 Pistol looks great in the hands of a Clone Trooper commander. Companies like Clone Army Customs also offer some fantastic elements – with the Heavy Rocket Launcher being a perfect addition to your Clone Trooper’s arsenal. There are a plethora of fantastic weapons available for your troopers – so make sure you visit the Minifigure Weapons section to take full advantage of just how much is available.


So, that’s about it! As you have hopefully seen there are lots of great ways that you can make your own detailed Clone Troopers. You’ve seen my own custom Captain Rex at the start of this article, but now I want to hear from you! What custom Clones have you made?

Let me know in the comments below, and check back for more from me soon!


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