LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System: First Impressions

lego nintendo entertainment system

A brand-new 18+ set has been revealed for release on August 1st. Introducing a nostalgic experience with the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System.

Nintendo released the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) way back in 1985, also the same year I was born. The gaming console was an instant success and brought a host of new characters into pop culture. Games such as Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong and of course Super Mario Bros brought a fresh new way of playing.

The LEGO Group has made a new partnership with Nintendo which was brought to light recently when they unveiled the new Super Mario theme which is to be released worldwide at the beginning of August. Little did I expect LEGO to surprise us with a brand-new 18+ set. This will be the 15th set to be released in a more grown-up adult range of LEGO.


18+ Box Art

To differentiate between the LEGO Super Mario theme and this new 18+ set, LEGO has used its new darker artwork for the box. There have been mixed feelings of the 18+ theme artwork looking quite boring and not sticking to the iconic LEGO design of bright colour. However, for me personally I quite like this style of artwork and I feel that it works really well, especially with this new LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System. The box shows all of the set and includes a small logo which states that it is an official Nintendo licensed product. On the back of the box, there are also images of how the mechanical functions work in the set. One detail that I really like is on the side of the box, it shows a small 8-bit image of Mario jumping through a level just like in the games.


 LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System First Impressions

From first impressions, this new set looks like a beautiful display piece. There are 2646 parts to this build and the released images show that there are four parts to this nostalgic build.

There is the NES system itself which looks to be completely functional, as the cartridge drawer actually opens up and locks the cartridge in place when it is inserted. The console is extremely well detailed and has an incredible use of bricks to make it look like an original NES. The LEGO set seems have printed tiles for the ‘Nintendo Entertainment System’ logo which I think is a very nice touch. As well as that the details go even further to the point of having a port to plug the controller into. The life-size controller also has its own functions as the buttons can actually be tapped to replicate playing on an original Nintendo Entertainment System.

The Game Pak Cartridge looks like a simple build and it has details that look like an original cartridge of the Super Mario Bros game from 1985. On closer inspection of the cartridge, it looks to be a sticker on the game cartridge. I feel is a bit of a let down if all the other parts are printed, I could be wrong and we will find out when the set releases.


Possibly my favorite part of this set will be the 1980s retro-styled TV. It fills me full of nostalgia to just look at it with the TV stand underneath it the buttons on the side and it even comes with a label on the back which has the specifications of the TV itself which I found very amusing.


lego nintendo entertainment system


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The TV also has its own functions and shown on the website is the use of parts on the inside of the TV. These parts attach to a handle on the side. The handle can turn so that the Super Mario Bros game screen moves. A great feature that looks as though the flat 8-bit Mario is running through the game. I find this feature to be brilliant and it also makes me think. How can we use this method of building to create other scenes from other classic games? The LEGO website has specifications on it. It says the TV has a handle-operated scrolling screen. I am interested in experimenting, using the Powered Up motor to make the TV mechanical functions run with power.

The buildable TV measures over 8” (22.5cm) high, 9” (23.5cm) wide and 6” (16cm) deep, which makes it a bit smaller than the recent 18+ Creator Haunted House set 10273 which measured at 26.5” (68cm) high, 9” (25cm) wide and 9” (25cm) deep. Both sets are the same price, however, the NES set has considerably fewer parts at 2646 whereas the haunted house has 3231. This difference could likely be to do with the obvious intellectual property with Nintendo.

Additional to the mechanical features of the TV, if you have the Super Mario: Adventures with Mario Starter Course set 71360, which is also released on August 1st, you can use the LEGO Mario figure to place on top of the TV where it will scan a unique action brick that will add sound effects to the player experience. I thought that this was a great feature to add to this set, although it isn’t directly part of the upcoming LEGO Super Mario range, it is nice to see that LEGO has linked the 18+ theme with this small feature.

lego nintendo entertainment system

Final thoughts

Being a huge gamer myself, I love this set. I’ve been very excited since LEGO and Nintendo began their partnership and revealed the LEGO Super Mario range. I cannot wait to experience how LEGO has used playability and added it to Nintendo’s playability. The possibilities of future themes and games to come from this partnership could be absolutely wonderful for children and adult fans of LEGO. I am impressed with the way LEGO has created a new ‘Adults Welcome’ theme. I am looking forward to seeing what other surprises happen in the future with this line and I can say that this is my favorite out of all the 18+ sets that are available now.


  • The set is absolutely brilliantly designed and is something that gamers and LEGO fans would love to have displayed in their home.
  • The nostalgic memories that have been triggered, just seeing this set in images are just wonderful. I am thoroughly looking forward to enjoying building it.
  • It looks to be all unique printed parts within the set. I think is a huge bonus for collectors and it really adds to the authentic details of the NES.
  • Exclusive 8-bit Mario tile is brilliant and also introduces a new shaped tile into the LEGO System.
  • The interactive features included in the set help bring nostalgic feelings to life.
  • The inclusion of the LEGO Super Mario figure adds an extra little feature.


  • I feel as though the price-to-part ratio may put people off from buying it.
  • As I mentioned about printed parts, on closer inspection the Game Pak Cartridge looks to be a sticker, but we won’t find out until it is released.

Do you agree with my pros and cons?

What would you like to see come out of the partnership between LEGO and Nintendo?

Product Details for LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System

  • Ages 18+. 2646 pieces
  • Release: 1 August 2020
  • US $299.99 – CA $299.99 – DE €229.99 – UK £209.99 – FR €229.99 – DK 1799DKK
  • *Euro pricing varies by country. Please visit for regional pricing.


Check out the official release video here


All images and video are taken from The LEGO Group.


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