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It’s safe to say that as fans of LEGO, there are loads of different types of content out there which we can engage with daily. From great YouTube channels like JANGBRiCKS and just2good, to forums like Eurobricks and magazines like the Official LEGO Magazine or   Blocks Magazine. There is even an assortment of fantastic blogs out there – like our Firestar Toys and blogs. But, one thing that I scarcely see people talk about is a unique form of entertainment which can really keep you engaged in your LEGO hobby whilst you do other things – like your weekly grocery shop, or your nightly gym session!

I am, of course, talking about Podcasts – a unique new genre of audio-only entertainment which is another great medium through which people can share their passion and energy. There is a vast assortment of LEGO podcasts out there – but sometimes, it’s all about knowing where to look and where to find them. So, today, we are going to do just that – by exploring some of the LEGO Podcasts that you should be listening to!

Bricks n Bits

Bricks and Bits Podcast 

Up first we have a personal favourite for me – the Bricks and Bits Podcast which is hosted by MandRProductions, brickitect and just2good – some of my favourite LEGO influencers on the YouTube platform. These guys have taken their friendship and love for LEGO and have created a fantastic and unique show which dives deep into all kinds of different topics related to the brick-based products which we all love. They look at everything, from breaking down new sets which LEGO have debuted in recent months, to looking at some of the LEGO scams which you can avoid being sucked into, and everything in-between.

It’s safe to say that this is an incredibly insightful and engaging podcast – and I really recommend it. With the episodes usually clocking in at over an hour a piece, they are perfect to stick on in the background whilst you are at work or chilling out at home.

We promise you won’t regret tuning in for this podcast! Click here to find the full Bricks and Bits Podcast Playlist, where you can listen to every episode of this LEGO Podcast.   

LEGO Podcast - The Bricks King Podcast

The Bricks King Podcast

Another popular LEGO Podcast which we really recommend is the Bricks King Podcast. Hosted by an incredibly passionate LEGO fan known as Matt, this Podcast is a wonderful deep-dive into the hobby that we all enjoy – exploring various topics on a week by week basis. Matt looks at everything from the new up and coming releases which LEGO have announced, to LEGO artists – and even has a plethora of special guests on who provide varying levels of expertise on the vast offerings from LEGO. Matt recently also hit his one hundredth episode of the podcast, and put together a great celebration episode which you can find by clicking here, which celebrated the past couple of years of topics, guests and LEGO.

As a bonus with this one as well, I’ve been lucky enough to be a guest on a couple of Matt’s Jurassic Park inspired episodes, you can hear a little bit from me and the other fandoms I am passionate about, too!

Click here to listen to The Bricks King Podcast.


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Star Scavengers

Star Scavengers Podcast

Another LEGO Podcast which I stumbled upon when researching for this article, thanks to a great blog post I stumbled upon which will be linked in the ‘Sources’ section of this article, is the ‘Star Scavengers’ Podcast. When it comes to LEGO, there are a wealth of different licensed products out there, one of the most expansive of which must be the LEGO Star Wars line. This line spans numerous phones, television series and pieces of extended material, and has produced a plethora of different sets from battle packs to UCS-Scale products, all of which have their own unique style and flair – and which can be spoken about quite substantially!

Whilst the Star Scavengers podcast isn’t as frequent as the others which we have looked at within this article, it is safe to say that there are some interesting episodes which display a healthy breadth and depth of knowledge for the LEGO Star Wars license. If you are a LEGO Star Wars fan, then you may enjoy the thirty-seven episodes of this LEGO Podcast which you can currently listen to!

Click here to dive into a Galaxy Far, Far Away with the Star Scavengers Podcast.

LEGO Podcast - LEGO Technic Logo

The LEGO Technic Podcast 

How would you feel if I said that back in 2018, LEGO had their very own official Podcast? Well, there was a time when they did – based around the very specific design and development of the incredible 1:1 model of a Bugatti Chiron that the LEGO Group created and were able to drive using LEGO Power Function motors. Over the twelve-episode series, LEGO Technic Design Manager Jeppe Juul Jensen explores how this idea went from a crazy concept to something which the design team at LEGO could realise and achieve. If you’re a fan of the LEGO Technic series then this is a podcast which you will really enjoy – but it’s also a great piece for LEGO fans in general as it provides some insight into just how much work goes on behind the scenes with the large-scale projects that the LEGO Group undertake.

Click here to listen to this LEGO Podcast.

PEX Logo

The LEGO Philosophy –  Process Excellence Network

Last, but certainly not least, I wanted to highlight something which isn’t a whole podcast, but rather a very specific podcast episode which I think will be interesting for fans of LEGO – particularly from a business perspective. The Process Excellence Network did an episode which features Peter Evans as a guest, who is the LEGO Continuous Improvement Director. The episode, which is titled ‘The LEGO Philosophy’, explores more behind the LEGO brand, and how LEGO has a universal appeal across the world which appeals to lots of different people.

It’s an interesting look at not only the work that The LEGO Group do, but also the way in which the organisation and its teams have created a brand which evokes happiness whenever it is heard. From a marketing and business standpoint this is a interesting listen, so if you’re interested in LEGO from a business perspective, then you certainly will want to listen to this.

Make sure to click here to listen in to this special episode.  

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To conclude, there are more LEGO podcasts out there on the wide web than many people may realise – but there is still plenty of scope for more to pop up in the future. This, however, is the beauty of LEGO as a hobby I feel. We all have our own diverse ideas for the fandom and how we want to share those passions and ideas with others. With a line as broad and involved as LEGO, there is scope for people to share their interests in many ways – and I think Podcasts really have the potential to be one of the most engaging and meaningful ways to talk about our love for LEGO. Whether tackling specific brands, or talking about the business behind the LEGO company and their success, there are a wealth of different topics to discuss.

Would you be interested in a Firestar Toys Podcast? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments below – and check out some more of my blog posts by clicking here.



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