LEGO Sherlock’s Home: Sherlock Holmes’ Sweet Home MOC (Part 2)

My first article spoke about Sherlock Holmes’ LEGO home at 221B Baker Street, which he shares with Doctor John Watson and the slow, but sure, build of an original MOC using custom bricks, tiles and other parts that I acquired from FireStar Toys. This second article continues with the finishing touches and the final attention to detail to the home including the furniture and furnishings. The floor plan I used to help in this endeavour was based on one drawn by Ernest Short in 1948.

From the outside, the bricks are in a simple light blue grey with black window frames and a Baker Street sign. The look from the exterior is uncomplicated and is designed to draw the viewer in, to see the plethora of colour and detail in the interior.

LEGO Sherlock holmes

Homing-in on the different rooms and zones

To ensure you, the viewers, appreciate the home furnishings and the furniture designs and general ideas behind each room, I will first explain the different spaces, and then, go into more detail with added photos and reference numbers and links.

  • the corridor leading to the apartment
  • the enormous living room with different work and study spaces
  • a hidden room which houses a strong and secure safe
  • a cosy and comfortable series of armchairs and sofas in front of a welcoming fireplace
  • a secret access to Holmes’ bedroom which can be found behind a grandfather clock
  • two separate bedrooms with normal doors

The corridor

There is a carpeted floor along with coordinated and matching walls which lead to a dark brown door and the number of the apartment.

LEGO Sherlock holmes

The living room

Once inside, there are four plain coloured, but, important white pillars which are there to break-up the large room and ‘direct’ you to the different study and work spaces. Each space has been positioned near or by a window and is equipped with a desk and chair.

Close by, you will find bookshelves and integrated shelving which is coordinated with the dark blue walls.

From left to right; the grandfather clock with secret passage to Holmes’ bedroom, Watson’s bedroom, the large open spaced living room with various bookshelves, poufs, writing desks, a dining table which is next to the central area of comprising an armchair, a two and a  three-seater sofa, a black cat, a reddish brown Labrador, the four white pillars leading from the apartment door and on the bottom right, the secret room with a ‘safe.’

The hidden safe

An original and solid, walk-in safe using a ‘safe’ door is to be found in the ‘secret’ room on the right-hand side. It is in light blue and dark blue grey bricks and tiles. The hinges sourced separately work perfectly with the 1 x 4 x 3 safe door.

LEGO Sherlock holmes

Cosy fireplace

A comfortable looking ‘zone’ in front of the fire is to ensure a communal space for contemplation and deep-thought, as well as, to invite and encourage someone to feel relaxed and rested. The surrounding tiles finish the look and make it homely.


In addition to the dark green armchair, there are two sofas; a two-seater one in the same green and a larger three-seater one in dark red. Both are adorned with decorative pink and gold cushions.

There are also two three-seater poufs.

Behind the grandfather

This second entry point into Holmes’ bedroom is not in the original Short drawing, but, purely an invention on my part. This imaginary ‘secret passage’ is to create an allure of mystery and will eventually lead to a part of his bedroom which will house his many disguises and different attire including cloaks and wigs.


The bedroom on the left with sand green walls belongs to Sherlock, while the dark red walled bedroom belongs to John. Both have different floor tile designs and colour configurations that were chosen to suit the wall colours.

You will notice that there are two small covered mini-stoves/fireplaces which are there to keep the rooms warm and are linked to the main one in the living room. This is a detail taken directly from the Short drawing.


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Eyeing up the home accessories

Along with various books, writing journals and two fountain pens, there is:

LEGO Sherlock holmes

Living companions that Holmes cannot live without

Instead of a British bulldog (John had one called Gladstone, named after the Prime Minister), I opted for a brown Labrador and a black cat.

Madame Hudson is also present, as is Sherlock’s older brother Mycroft.

Inspector Lestrade from Scotland Yard wears a tweed suit jacket with a shirt and tie, plain coloured trousers and a fedora (hat).

Characters (in some stories) that Holmes could live without

This is a simple reference to two key men; first, the cunning and evil arch rival Professor John Moriarty. Below is my version of this character. He wears black and dark purple, is equipped with a black top hat and his face is menacing and cruel. I deliberately chose a double-facial head for added diversity. To finish his ‘look’ I chose a long, black cape which would cover his arms.

LEGO Sherlock holmes

The second man is a former military officer and Moriarty’s right-hand man, Colonel Sebastian Moran. My version is equipped with a smart and dapper dark coloured checked suit jacket, shirt and tie with a pair of plain coloured trousers and a bowler hat.

Home improvements

This project has nearly come to fruition. I am pleased with the results, but I acknowledge that there are some improvements I can make for example on choosing flooring that is not so colourful and garish. Be assured that I will write a further article on any future modifications and improvements.

By not having a roof, it enables the viewer to easily look inside and appreciate the home with an overhead view and facilitates playability and any changes.

The front door

The main door of the building which houses Sherlock Holmes’ LEGO home and his 221B apartment is colour coded and in a simple design. The door is in plain black and held in a plain white door frame with a matching set of solid tubular white pillars and light blue grey bricks. This historically accurate look does work well.


I am currently working on the front door and a suitable surround. I look forward to showing you all in the next article.


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