LEGO X-Men: Will We Get Any X-Men Sets in the Future?

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There have been a few of LEGO X-Men sets and minifigures in the past, but they have been limited due to copyright reasons. Well, good news! We may get some more X-Men sets soon. This is due to Disney’s most recent purchase of Fox. Because of this purchase, the X-Men may now join the rest of the Marvel crew!

Some fans have already made builds and minifigures of their own creation on LEGO X-Men. I have included their images to give a few ideas on what can be done.

What sets would be in an ideal LEGO X-Men wave?

Charles Xavier’s School for the Gifted

In my opinion, a great potential LEGO set would be Charles Xavier’s school for the gifted. This would be a perfect set as it is a superb candidate in the X-Men franchise to become a LEGO set. If this was to become a set, I think it fits into three categories (that LEGO have previously made sets under these categories). The first of these categories would be a master builder set (or a similar style set). The model would look amazing in this style of LEGO set. If this set is realized, I believe it would include detailed minifigures of Charles Xavier/ Professor X, Mystique, Kitty Pride, Iceman, two times gifted students and Doctor Jean Grey.

The second category idea of this set is the regular or play set. The reason for this is as this category would bring in the two audiences of adult fans and child fans. In an ideal world, the minifigures would be the same. But in reality, I think the minifigures would be Charles Xavier/ Professor X, Kitty Pride, Iceman, Mystique and Jean Grey.

The third category is LEGO Architecture. Like all LEGO Architecture sets, if this set was made, it would look extraordinary and be highly detailed. This would probably be a set with no minifigures. A master builder style set would be £249.99 to £349.99, then a play or regular set would probably cost near to £159.99 and finally an architecture like set would be £49.99 to £79.99.

lego x-men mansion
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The X-Jet

The next potential LEGO X-Men set would be the famous X-Jet. This would be a perfect set since it is (like Charles Xavier’s School for the Gifted) a major staple of the mutant filled franchise. In addition, the vehicle has had a vast variety of designs and LEGO has a lot to pick from. It’s also a great candidate as LEGO loves superhero jets and planes. However, unlike the school for the Gifted, if this set was to be made, it would probably only suit becoming two styles of set. First of these would be a Juniors or 4+ set, which would only include two minifigures (as tradition to the category). I think these minifigures would be Wolverine and any of the X-Men. However, in reality the minifigures for the specific set are extraordinarily hard to predict.

Second potential model of this possible LEGO set would be a play or regular set. I think this is the best option as for such a set as it has plenty of possible play features. The minifigures in the set would be: Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Wolverine and Magneto. Yet like a Juniors or 4+ version, it is hard to predict the minifigure content. If these sets were created and designed to their true potential, a Juniors or 4+ LEGO set would cost £29.99, whilst a regular or play set would cost around £74.99.

lego x-men x-jet
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Mutant Vaccination Van

Another possibility of a LEGO X-Men set is a Mutant Vaccination Van. The reason I think this would be a perfect LEGO set for this theme is this region of the X-Men franchise is highly popular. Also, the set would be a perfect opportunity for a cheaper set in the wave. If this set was produced, it would logically enter the same two categories as the previous idea (the X-Jet). A Juniors or 4+ set or a regular or play set.

But if the wave needed to have a single Juniors or 4+ set, I think this title would best suit the model. If a Juniors or 4+ set was to be released, I think it would include a Rogue and a scientist minifigure. Whereas if this set was to be produced in the form of a regular or play set, it would include minifigures of Rogue, Beast and a scientist. Both of these set ideas would be within the price range of £14.99 to £29.99.

Senator Kelly’s Helicopter

The next potential LEGO set would be Senator Kelly’s helicopter. This is an ideal potential LEGO X-Men set as a helicopter always looks perfect in LEGO form. In all honesty, this could be a Juniors or 4+ set but that would be disappointing. Due to this, I personally believe this particular set ideally would be a regular or play set.  As a regular or play set, a helicopter would look beautiful. Minifigures in in this set would be a US Security Officer, Senator Kelly, Mystique and Toad. These minifigures are perfect as they are accurate to the scene in the original X-Men. In reality, I personally presume the price of the set will be £29.99 to £39.99.

Wolverine’s Truck

Another potential LEGO X-Men potential set is Wolverine’s truck based in the original X-Men. Very similar to the previously stated Senator Kelly’s Helicopter, the set could possibly be a Juniors or 4+ set. But this just won’t do the set justice. Therefore, the probability is likely this will be a regular or play set. This is a good idea as LEGO’s target audience would enjoy the play features. One of these would be a feature that allows a Wolverine minifigure to be thrown out of a front windscreen of the truck. This LEGO set would ideally contain minifigures representing the characters of Wolverine, Rogue, Sabretooth and (if we get lucky) Storm and Cyclops. The minifigure representations of Rogue and Wolverine are generally a necessity whilst the other characters would really just improve the set. The sets price should be around £29.99.

Image from X-Men Movies Wiki


The next idea for a LEGO X-Men set or even bunch of LEGO sets is a diorama LEGO set. These sets would only include relevant minifigures and would cost the appropriate price. An example of this set type would be a renewed X-Men vs Sentinel set. This possible LEGO set is a perfect example ad this piece of X-Men media is so iconic. Obviously, this would be released in the category of a regular or play set. Minifigures in this set would be any X-Men, but for sake of discussion, Storm, Iceman and Magneto alongside a brick-built sentinel. The cost of such a set would be between £19.99 and £29.99.

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Collectible Minifigure Series?

But what do I think is the best option for a LEGO X-Men set or theme? I believe a CMF or minifigure series fits the mould. We know Disney is OK with LEGO minifigure series as proven by the two Disney minifigure series. We also are aware LEGO doesn’t mind a superhero mini-series as proven by DC’s 2020 example. And there is an ever-growing pool of mutant characters for LEGO to select from so this is the best option. This series would cost the standard price of a licensed LEGO CMF series.

lego x-men cmf
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So what do you think of my picks? What would you like to see as an X-Men set? Let me know in the comments!



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    I wish LEGO would make X-Men sets. I love the Spider-Man ones and I am a little bored of avengers sets but they are ok. If LEGO made another X-Men set, which Mutants would you like to see?

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