Skills for Life With LEGO: 7 Benefits of Using LEGO to Teach STEM Skills

lego stem mindstorms

Looking back over your school days, what were the subjects you dreaded the most? For many of us, the title of our worst subject probably would have gone to the likes of maths and science, and it may be that the situation is exactly the same for our own children. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) have a reputation as the “hard” sciences, not only in terms of difficulty, but also because the subjects themselves are seen as highly rigid and technical. Indeed, many children may feel intimidated by the difficulty of these subjects, and as a result may develop a dislike for them. There’s no denying that STEM skills are highly valuable, but how do you teach them in a way that’s fun and allows children to be creative? That’s where LEGO STEM toys come in.

Designed to give children an imaginative and entertaining way to explore their surroundings and learn more about the world around them, LEGO STEM products are one of the very best ways to get children learning through play. Today, we’re exploring just some of the benefits of inviting your child into the world of LEGO STEM toys.

1: Making the Sciences Fun

STEM can sometimes have negative connotations around it, with a reputation of being boring as well as difficult, but that certainly doesn’t have to be the case. What could be more exciting than learning about the world around us and the building blocks of life? LEGO STEM toys are a surefire way to make these subjects fun and entertaining, and in some cases children won’t even realise that they’re learning as they play.

2: Increasing Confidence

If a child is struggling with a subject in school, it can have an impact on their confidence. Having confidence in their ability is an important factor in a child’s learning, and with LEGO toys giving them a chance to tap into their curiosity, it’s a great opportunity for them to build their confidence with STEM skills, ultimately helping them to thrive.

3: Available for All Ages

Believe it or not, it’s possible to teach a child STEM skills from a very young age. Basic activities such as counting are wonderful for sparking an interest in STEM for a young child, and LEGO DUPLO are perfect for getting them started. We have plenty of sets to help their developing minds grow and explore, with first LEGO toys for 1-2 year olds and creative sets for ages 3-5 which will help their little imaginations take off.

As they grow, they’ll be able to discover even more from the world of LEGO, moving into the likes of the BOOST range, where they’ll be able to create models that can be brought to life through simple coding commands.


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4: Endless Possibilities

 One of the greatest things about LEGO has to be the fact that it comes with endless possibilities. There’s something for every age, every gender and every interest, and ranges such as LEGO MINDSTORMS and LEGO BOOST are perfect for getting their creative juices flowing. There are also tons of possibilities in terms of the skills children can learn through their creations too. From fine motor skills at a young age to coding skills later on, there are plenty of lessons to be learned with every set.

lego stem mindstorms

5: Organisation, Problem Solving & Attention to Detail

 LEGO is also a fantastic way to develop your child’s organization and problem solving skills. Their natural curiosity will encourage them to find new ways of solving problems and to explore how things work in greater detail. In particular, through coding with our robot programming kits, they’ll be able to experiment with finding creative solutions and shortcuts to various obstacles, with each small step contributing to the bigger picture.

6: Hands-On

Children often learn best when hands-on learning is involved, and it’s easily adapted for different ages and school stages. For younger children, it’s a fun and engaging way to teach basic concepts such as numbers, shapes and colours, and also encourages them to develop their fine motor skills as well as social and communication skills. Our introductory LEGO sets are perfect for preschool children, with sets available for children as young as 12 months old, and will set them on a path of imagination and creativity as well as having the potential to introduce them to shapes and colours.

As children get older, hands-on learning can see theories and concepts come to life, making them easier to grasp and understand, while the immersive element allows them to explore the subject further in a more entertaining way. What could be a more fun way to learn the basics of coding than by programming their very own robot?

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7: Skills for Life

When it comes to the world of work, most professions involve STEM in some form or another. Whether it’s medicine, mechanics, catering, design or something else, it’s highly likely that science, technology, engineering and mathematics will make an appearance, so developing basic knowledge and confidence with them is essential to ensure that our children are set for life, whatever direction they want to take. In a world where technology is evolving all the time, it’s also clear that coding skills are going to be highly valuable to many professions too, and not just in the field of computers. As technology advances, it’s likely that there will be an increased demand for qualified computer programmers across multiple industries. For children who develop an interest in coding, they’ll instantly be opening themselves up to a whole new world of career possibilities for the future.

Ultimately, in a world where we all rely on technology more than ever, teaching children STEM skills is incredibly important. It will invite them to learn about the world around them and how things work, as well as teaching them valuable lessons when it comes to problem solving and learning from their mistakes. Whether your child has developed a love of a particular area of STEM, or you want to help them improve on a certain area, getting them introduced to the world of LEGO is a fantastic way to help build your child’s confidence and to spark their creativity, as well as a love of learning that will see them thrive throughout their educational journey. No matter what their age or interest, the possibilities are endless with LEGO.


Guest post written by Amy Jackson – Content and Features Writer at My Favourite Voucher Codes 


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