Top 10 best Clone Trooper Minifigures from ‘The Clone Wars’.

‘The Clone Wars’ is one of my all-time favourite TV series within the Star Wars franchise, so naturally the LEGO sets were superb. Often my favourite parts of a LEGO set are the Minifigures. Here I will be giving you a list of my top 10 favourite official Clone Trooper Minifigures from the original 2008-2014 sets based on the Film and subsequent TV series. I will judge the figures on collectability, detail, and overall appeal.

10. Clone Trooper (Phase 1)

At number 10 we have the regular Phase 1 Clone Trooper. This trooper features a great torso and helmet print which accurately reflect the animated style of the armour we see the Clones wearing in the earlier seasons of the show. The faces on the figures from “The Clone Wars” are notorious for having a strange look about them as they have an animated style face print which differs to those of regular Minifigures. These prints were hit or miss. Some of them are fine but some are awful, with strange features and enlarged eyes to emulate the art style seen on screen. The Clone Faces aren’t too bad and look similar to the onscreen design. The legs are plain unfortunately as this was one of the first Clones from ‘The Clone Wars’ sub theme however as the different legion designs progressed, they did receive leg printing. Overall, this figure is very collectable, and you can use them to make impressive battle scenes. Despite being a great figure, there are better Clones on the list with more interesting designs hence the low position.

9. Commander Fox

Number 9 is Clone Commander Fox, this Clone is part of the Coruscant Guard who protect the Republic capital Coruscant, as well as guarding senators and delegates. This Minifigure of Fox has his striking dark red highlights across his Helmet and torso, and a large Senatorial Guard symbol on his upper portion of his armour. The dark shade of red contrasts brilliantly with the white and makes this figure really stand out. As Fox is a Commander he has the Kama, Pauldron and Helmet visor attachments in a dark bluish grey colour which are nice inclusions, (even though he has a red visor and no pauldron in the show). He has the same head as other regular Clones and some plain white legs. This figure is good but could benefit from some additional printing on the legs to enhance the detail. The additional highlights that set him apart from other Clones are well executed but there are more detailed and more desirable figures in the subtheme.

8. Horn Company Clone Trooper

This trooper is part of Eeth Koth’s Clone company. We see these on screen briefly in Season 2 of ‘The Clone Wars’ when they attempt to repel a Separatist boarding party. The minifigure does a great job of capturing the details they have on their armour in the show. There are lots of sand green highlights across the torso and helmet with a few lime green lines too. The figure shares the same head as most of the Clones on the list, however this is the first one on the list so far to have leg printing. The legs have some lines suggesting the knee plates and thigh armour. The details and colouration on the legs really ties the figure together and makes the figure look a lot better than those without leg prints. The sand green is softer colour than some of the others that we see in the show, but it works well and still has the same wow factor as some of the other designs.

7. Commander Cody

One of the first named Clones in the films, Cody is Obi-Wan’s loyal Commander. Despite making his cinematic debut in ‘Revenge of the Sith’ the only official version of him that we have is based on his appearance in ‘The Clone Wars’. This figure does a decent job of replicating his armour and the orange looks great with the white, however he lacks leg printing which is preventing him from ascending the list. The helmet is also very well detailed with some orange highlights and details. He has the same head as other clones and shares the same type of visor as Fox, which is used for Commander figures, but it should be orange, but I understand why they went with grey as it works as a universal design for the Clones thus reducing the cost. I would have preferred the correct colour, but you can easily replace it with a custom one from CAC or Arealight. Overall a highly desirable figure as he only comes in 2 sets.

6. ARC Trooper (Hammer)

One of my favourite armour designs for Clone troopers is the ARC armour. Featured in a battle pack without a Name, this ARC trooper is clearly meant to be Hammer from the episode “ARC Troopers”. We briefly see him assisting his brothers in defending Kamino from Separatist forces.


He has a specifically moulded helmet based on the experimental armour that later became Phase 2 armour. He has the arc blast shield on his torso over the regular armour which we can see some of underneath towards the bottom of the torso, the ammo pouch and red dots are nice touches too. The legs are possibly the best we have seen on the 2008-2014 Clones. He has the upper leg details and the knee pads like some of the others on the list however he also has the additional ankle armour and boot prints. The sand blue details go well with the dark red highlights. The trooper also has cloth pauldrons and Kama, as well as a brick-built backpack. Overall a highly desirable figure, just a shame we didn’t get the other ARCs from Rancor Battalion or even Fives or Echo in this style given their large roles within the series.

5. Wolfpack Trooper (Phase 2)

This is the first Phase 2 trooper on the list so far, the Phase 2 animated style Clones have slightly different torsos compared to Phase 1 armour particularly the abdomen section, as well as the panel on the back of the armour. This trooper is from the 104th Wolfpack led by Commander Wolffe, he has dark grey markings on the upper portions of his armour and a wolf pack symbol on the top section of his Phase 2 helmet. The dark grey looks really crisp on the white armour. This trooper also has leg printing with the thigh and knee pad armour details, as well as some grey shin plates. The face print is the same as the majority of the others on the list. A pair of these Clones were only seen in 1 set near the end of the line and are very expensive today as a result. He’s quite accurate to the design we see in the later seasons of the series and quite rare, hence his position on this list.

4. Coruscant Guard (Phase 2)

This is the second Coruscant Guard LEGO has made to date, but the only one in the animated style. He has bright red markings to match those in both the show and Revenge of the Sith. These spots of colour are really distinctive and make this Clone prominent amongst others on the list. The red stripes on the helmet match the onscreen look and keep the sharp design from the show. The upper torso and belt are red, along with the red stripes on the thighs and shins on the legs. Like the Wolfpack trooper this figure was released near the end of the line and had an identical counterpart within the set. These are one of the most expensive troopers on the list and desirable as they have a great design and appear in some of the most important and prominent episodes within the series. One drawback is the lack of red printing in the ‘cheek’ areas of the helmet, but the rest of the figure and rarity make up for this.

3. 501st Clone Trooper (Phase 2)

Easily one of the most popular Clone legions, the 501st are the primary Clones we see in the show, as they are under the command of Anakin Skywalker. Their recurring appearances in many episodes, most of which are fan favourites has led to the recent remake of this figure in a newer style in 2020. This trooper features the blue markings on the torso, helmet and legs which make him instantly recognisable as a member of the 501st. The torso print is great and leads on perfectly from the design on the front of the helmet, which tapers towards the chin area. The underside of the knees have blue stripes which are accurate to the in-universe design. He also features the generic face print. The popularity of these troopers and overall appeal has led to this position on the list.


2. Captain Rex (Phase 2)

The leader of the 501st, Captain Rex is one of my favourite Clone Troopers and he features heavily throughout the show. Both armour variants of this character, Phase 1 and 2, are great but this version has more details than the earlier version, and I only wanted to include best variants on the list rather than take up spots which would showcase other Clones, as the designs between Phases 1 and 2 are similar. The helmet print features the unique welded together design that Rex has in Phase 2, where he took the best parts of the Phase 1 Armour and replaced the weakest parts of Phase 2 with them making a unique design.

We can see the Jaig eyes on the upper area of the helmet too, much like on the Phase 1 helmet. Jaig eyes are representative of the eyes of a Mandalorian shriek-hawk, and they symbolise an act of extreme honour or bravery. Rex also has the welding marks on the torso along with some tally marks, which we also see on the helmet. The head print is different to the other clones as he has a bit of stubble and a scar underneath his chin. The ammo pouch and part of the pauldron are printed at the top of the torso, the coloured part of the pauldron is seen as a separate cloth piece which fits over the neck. Rex also has cloth Kama which is an improvement over the 2008 plastic style as the shaping is better. The legs have the blue stripes printed on the knee pads and have some more tally marks towards the tops of the legs. Unfortunately, the helmet mould means he doesn’t have the rangefinder attachment which the Phase 1 version does, so he’s not as accurate as he could be. He only appeared in 1 set and has seen an insane spike in his price due to rarity and his recent reappearance in Season 7 of “The Clone Wars”

1. Commander Wolffe

The best Clone trooper from ‘The Clone Wars’ line has got to be Commander Wolffe. Wolffe is the commander of the 104th legion nicknamed the Wolfpack. Wolffe served under Jedi General Plo Koon and sports a wolf themed motif across all of his armours in the show. Here Wolffe is based on his appearance in Season 2 of “The Clone Wars”, so he has sand blue details, rather than the dark grey we see him wear in later seasons.

The helmet print is great and has the stylised silhouette of a wolf’s face printed on in sand blue. He also has a red triangle on the forehead section of the helmet, along with some yellow stripes. He has the sand blue motif continued on both his torso and legs. He has a bit of sand blue cross the top of the armour plates on the front and back of his torso. The legs have jagged sand blue printing which we see on the boots of the 104th. Wolffe has the older style plastic Kama and range finder in black. He also has a unique head print with his signature cybernetic eye and scar down his face, alongside his stubble. This is the only version of Wolffe in ‘The Clone Wars’ and he only came in one set which was quite expensive, thus his rarity and exclusivity has led to an extremely high value on the aftermarket.


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