Top 10 LEGO Marvel Minifigures You Should Be Aware Of – Part 2

Alright guys, welcome back to Part 2 of the Top 10 Best LEGO Marvel Minifigures of all time! I can’t believe I spent an entire article talking about 5 minifigures. But alas, we are back at it again – this time to name the last 5.

Again, we must go through the disclaimers. Everything said in this article is my opinion. So it’s fine to disagree with me. I chose each of these figures, as I believe they are the best of the best from this theme. So please don’t throw a fit and send me death threats on my Instagram. I will also only be including the Marvel minifigures that have been released in retail stores and are/were widely available. Therefore, no SDCC figures. Also, no microfigures such as mini Ant-Man. However, I will include bigfigs. I feel like I’ve been making disclaimers for every article. Surely they aren’t that controversial, right? Anyways, you got all of that? Alright! Let’s do this!

No. 5: Thanos (76049)

This has to be the best LEGO Thanos to date. Funnily enough, this was our first Thanos that LEGO ever released. In addition to that, it’s no surprise that our best Thanos released in 2016 – the best year of LEGO Marvel. If only the theme was as good as it was back then. Sorry, my ranting always ends up in every article I write.

So why is this figure so great? Well, LEGO created an entirely new mould for him – something that later versions didn’t get (*cough cough* 2018/2019 Thanos). This figure is based on the Avengers Assemble TV Show, so he has a very comic book look. The printing on the face is phenomenal – with the iconic glistening eyes and a wide smile. His torso has quite simple, but effective print work. And finally, the figure comes with dual-moulded boots – or at least I think it’s dual-moulded. Anyways, this is the best Thanos figure to date and deserves the fifth spot.

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No. 4: Storm (76022)

Being one of the few X-Men figures to exist to date, Storm is the epitome of the LEGO Group’s slogan “Only the best is good enough”. The figure uses a re-colour of a common hairpiece in white, which is awesome! Both the front/back face prints are on point. The torso print is absolutely beautiful, with the X-Men logo and the negative space detailing. And LEGO gives us leg printing! I mean, they could’ve easily cheapened out and could’ve given us plain, black legs. Instead, they gave us leg printing. Leg printing! Whoever designed this minifigure should be the head graphic designer of LEGO Marvel. But what ties this figure together is the specialised cloth piece that was specifically designed for it. It just moves the figure from being good to exceptional. Please LEGO. This is the detail I want in every minifigure you release.


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No. 3: Spider-Man (76082)

In contrast to Storm, LEGO has released way too many Spider-Man figures. Seriously. I can’t remember, but I’m pretty sure that Spider-Man is the theme’s most released character. Well, it’s either him or Iron Man. Anyways, why specifically this figure? It’s just pure amazingness. Based on the 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming film, this figure has appeared in three sets, and his appearance in LEGO form is based on the movie. The head is amazing. Previously, we had only received Spider-Man figures with larger eyes. So this was a nice change. His torso is beautiful and accurate to the film.

The attention to detail is purely unheard of. This paintwork continues onto the back of the torso. And they decided to complement this by giving us sidearm printing! Do you know how rare that is to see in a retail LEGO set? It’s very, very uncommon. The accurate detailing continues so well onto the arms. And it doesn’t stop there. WE GET DUAL-MOULDED LEGS! YES! You can tell that the designers who created this figure had a passion for this project. And not just dual-moulded legs. There’s printing on them too! Bro. This is what we need. Please LEGO. This is what we need.

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No. 2: Hulk (76088)

And this is the best big-fig of all time. It’s a banger. Again. LEGO PLEASE GIVE US THIS TYPE OF DETAIL IN EVERY SET YOU RELEASE! PLEASE! This figure is awesome. The helmet is moulded into the head of the figure. The olive green colour throughout is so damn accurate. There is phenomenal print work that appears throughout the torso. They created a completely new mould for the arm piece – which is a regular LEGO big fig arm piece with a pauldron moulded into it. The legs are pretty simple overall – and are quite similar to the previous versions of the figure. All in all, this figure is the definition of the perfect bigfig.

No. 1: Silver Centurion (5002946)

And finally, the best LEGO Marvel figure of all time is the Silver Centurion suit. I know, I’ve already had two other Iron Man figures on this list. But you have to remember – LEGO has released so many Iron Man figures over the past 9 years of this theme. So by doing some simple math, it’s quite probable that Iron Man could take the top spot. Coming with an entirely new facemask recolour, this figure already has an amazing start. Below the mask reveals the best Tony Stark faceprint to date – a battle-damaged expression. Tony Stark has a black eye! They made an exclusive face print only for this figure.

The figure has an amazing and accurate torso print with dual moulded arms. What a beauty! But forget that. They even give us sidearm printing. Yes, there is printing on the back of the torso. But they didn’t stop there. The figure comes with an armour piece, with two printed tiles to add extra detail. But again, it doesn’t stop there. LEGO gives us amazingly detailed legs with side leg printing. Come on. Can you get a better figure than this? No. You cannot. We will hardly get anything that will come close to this. This is truly the best LEGO Marvel figure of all time. Every Marvel fan is satisfied in this one figure. It’s perfection. Absolute perfection.

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LEGO. Take notes. Of course, I don’t expect every figure to be at the level of the Silver Centurion Iron Man suit. It is not very good for costs and would drive up the price of every set significantly. What I do expect is that every figure should be on the level of Storm. We need leg printing for every Marvel figure. And I mean every figure. Let me repeat. We need leg printing for every LEGO Marvel figure. New moulds must be created for figures that require it. I do not want to see LEGO cheapen out here. Extra sidearm/leg printing is only necessary when needed. Just a few minor changes to their minifigures could make the Marvel theme so much better. Please LEGO. Anyways, I must close off this article since is 12 AM right now. Take it easy everyone! Peace!


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