Unique and effective ways to promote your business post Covid-19

In a post Covid-19 world, there will be an increased value attributed to effective ways that everyone from entrepreneurs to multinational companies can promote their business whilst having a real and meaningful impact on their clients. As somebody who works within the marketing industry, it is safe to say that the marketing world depends on finding a competitive edge which can make your company stand out from others. This will be even more important in the wake of Covid-19 – with more competition meaning that standing out from the crowd will be crucial in ensuring financial success.

One sure fire way that you can get ahead of the game in the post-Covid-19 world is to find unique ways to promote your business – breaking from the norms which people have come to expect. There was a time when things like Social Media skills were highly sought after, but as more and more companies begin to develop their online presences, it means that there are more and more competitors in the online space. A great way you can do this is by embracing something like a minifigure – which will allow you to catch people’s attention in a unique and memorable way.

promote your business post Covid-19

The first benefit that comes from using minifigures to market is the fact that they are a relatively affordable solution to the question of standing out. Minifigures can be easily mass-purchased, providing something which brings character and life to the marketing efforts of an organisation. Think back to the last corporate event or conference that you attended. How many people had pens, mints, keyrings or wristbands? I bet it is hard to remember, right? That’s the point.

If your brand is utilising the same things that everyone else is using then it is hard to stand out from the crowd – and it is hard to form a memorable connection with a potential consumer. A minifigure is a unique solution to this as it has its own charm. As people we are more likely to engage with things which bring us positive attributable emotions – and something a little bit unique, and a little quirkier, may be the key way to trigger that emotional response and open the door to forming a more meaningful relationship with a would-be buyer. By creating that initial smile, I would argue that you are already well on track to creating a new customer for your business.


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Another great benefit of using minifigures in your marketing strategy is the fact that they are customisable – meaning that they can be adapted, in much a similar way to something like a keyring or wristband, to align with your marketing objectives and your overall aims and objectives. This also means that you are able to brand these minifigures appropriately – utilising colours, logos, etc. to maintain your brand image and ensure that these items are uniquely associated with your brand and your brand alone. It is safe to say that a minifigure will stand out a lot more than something like a two-tone stress ball, too, with the three-dimensional elements lending themselves a lot to the idea of being memorable which is crucial in effective marketing.

Traditionally speaking, you are unlikely to see minifigures used in marketing activities at expos and events, so having one which is well-branded and which clearly establishes your brand in the mind of consumers will be essential in generating sales and building further relationships. If you combine this customisability with even more marketing best practice then you are able to use these minifigures to optimise your chances of generating a return on investment even more.

We have mentioned the prevalence of digital content before, but actually customisable physical marketing mediums provide an interesting opportunity for you to combine your minifigure with your digital marketing strategy, aligning both so you can create a unique and compelling call to action. What this essentially means is you can optimise the chance for your audience to do what you want them to do – whether it is clicking on a certain link, or doing a specific activity.

promote your business post Covid-19

What this means is that you can use things like QR codes or your web address on a minifigure – encouraging people to make that connection, and then transition their relationship to a digital medium where you can further shape their relationship with your brand. If you were to put together something like a specific landing page for a minifigure with a clear call-to-action (i.e. specific to the event you handed the minifigures out at) then you can further optimise the likelihood of your potential consumers becoming customers – earning you sales, and helping to generate that crucial return on investment which is important to our businesses now more than ever before.

It is also worth noting that now, more than ever before, our consumers are looking for personal touches which help to engage them in human socialisation. As we all continue to work from home and socially distance, it can be hard to still create that personalised level of face-to-face interaction with our consumers. It is a lot harder for us to build a relationship over something like ZOOM or Skype, so a minifigure can be a perfect way to bridge that gap – with something like a mini-me business card filling in for those online meetings, and helping to make your business relationships feel a lot more personal.

It is safe to say that as we come out of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are going to need to find new and creative ways to build relationships with our audiences – and I genuinely believe that marketing through minifigures could be a uniquely personal way to do this. Not only will this build meaningful relationships with consumers, but it also builds a positive overall image for a brand – creating the sense that a brand is ingenious and knows how to evolve their services and offerings, even during the most difficult times. From a PR standpoint, this can be incredibly successful.

In summary, there is a lot of potential to delight and wow audiences through the use of minifigures. As we exit this period of lockdown and begin to once again build trust with our audiences, it is crucial that we find a way to use physical marketing which delights people and helps to bring a little bit of personalisation back to our activities. Minifigures are a perfect medium through which we can do this, allowing us to begin to develop relationships which can help our customers to feel more aligned with our brands and our overall objectives as marketers. There is a real potential to get creative post-Covid-19 world and to redefine the playing field when it comes to Digital Marketing – so I am excited to see how people use tools like the minifigure as an effective means to promote their business.

If you would like to learn more about personalised minifigures, you can visit minifigured.com. Also feel free to share in the comments if you have used minifigures to market your own business, or if you have found something else effective. We’re interested in hearing from other companies to find out how they are ensuring that they stand out from the crowd post-Covid-19.


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