FireStar Toys Monthly Round-Up: March Madness!

March has been an incredibly eventful month here at FireStar Toys, with an abundance of new arrivals and restocked favorites to satisfy every LEGO® enthusiast. Let’s dive into the excitement:

New Arrivals:

  1. SW Hidden Princess Custom Minifigure: Prepare for daring rescue missions with the SW Hidden Princess custom minifigure! Equipped with a cunning disguise and an arsenal of accessories, she’s ready to take on any challenge.
  2. Crimson Wall-Crawler Custom Minifigure: Join the mission to serve justice in the web-verse with the broody and emotional Crimson Wall-Crawler custom minifigure. Complete with a web-slinging suit and custom accessories, he’s a force to be reckoned with.
  3. Desert Warrior Release: Embark on desert adventures with the Savage Successor custom minifigure and upgrade your Desert Warrior collection with the Desert Warrior Upgrade Pack. Plus, explore the array of 3D printed upgrade parts and custom weapons including our first collaboration with inputrick!
  4. GB Release: Prepare for supernatural encounters with the Destructive Deity custom minifigure and confront bureaucratic challenges with the Brickless Bureaucrat. Equip your ghosthunting team with 3D printed Ghosthunter Packs.
  5. Vigilante Collection: Unleash your inner hero with custom Vigilante Cowls and Upgrade Packs, featuring the latest additions to the lineup. Complete your collection with custom printed hair and mask prints from InputBrick.
  6. Watercolor Wall-Crawler: Experience the resilience of the Watercolor Wall-Crawler custom minifigure, complete with a stunning web-slinging suit and custom printed heads for added expression.


With such a diverse range of new arrivals and restocks, March has truly been a month to remember at FireStar Toys. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your LEGO® collection with these exciting additions. Stay tuned for more thrilling releases and updates in the months to come!

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