My Favourite Firestar Toys Minifigures! (Part 2)

And we are back for my favourite Firestar Toys Minifigures! So far, we’ve been looking a lot at the Star Wars selection that they provide. However, I feel like taking a break for a second and focusing on the Marvel side of their custom Minifigures.

I would also like to say that I’ve been an ambassador for Firestar Toys for a while, so if you want to purchase any of these Minifigures or any other thing off their website, make sure to use my code FSVIVID10 for 10% off! Even though I am an ambassador, every opinion in this article is a true reflection of what I think about these Minifigures. If I believe something is good or bad, I will state it. This is my honest opinion. So let’s jump into it!

Custom Design Minifigure The Baron:

I felt like just starting off with my favourite custom Marvel figure from their website – Baron Zemo. This thing is spectacular! I love it so much and hope to add it to my collection in the near future. This Minifigure is based on Zemo’s appearance from the Falcon and the Winter Soldier tv show on Disney Plus. This one retails for £24.95. The purple ski mask print on his face is amazing and is iconic. The eye holes, along with the recognisable lines gives this Minifigure an amazing start. His torso print is quite simple – mostly consisting of red. The few straps and buckles are nice additions, and I especially love how the printing continues from the torso onto the belt piece.

Custom Baron Minifigure

Unfortunately, the Minifigure does not have any other leg printing besides that. Firestar Toys paired this Minifigure with a fur piece, to make it more accurate to the tv show appearance. They also went above and beyond by giving him a custom black coat. 

From the back, you can see how well the folds and cuts in the cape are.  The back of the head has amazing line printing, which continues on from the front.


The Minifigure is equipped with a pistol as a weapon.  But the best accessory is the faceprint and hairpiece included to swap with the ski mask. And that faceprint is so accurate to the actors. Overall, this Minifigure is amazing and is a great start to the marvel customs on their website.


Custom Design Minifigure Time Agent:

They don’t miss it! Following the success of Marvel’s Loki series on Disney Plus, Firestar Toys decided to create a custom of one of our favourite characters from the show – Mobius. This one retails for £17.95. This is one of the more simple Minifigures from Firestar toys. He is given a grey hairpiece, along with a new faceprint to represent his iconic moustache from the show. However, the coolest part of this Minifigure is that awesome joyful expression that he was also given.

Time Agent Custom Minifigure

His torso is not all that special. It has a simple print of a shirt, tie and jacket to represent his outfit from the show. Finally, he is equipped with an info chart of a timeline, and the pruning stick used in the show. Overall, he’s a cool cheap Minifigure to add to your Marvel collection, so I definitely recommend him.


Custom Design Minifigure Time Hunter:

Now we are going from one simple Minifigure to the most detailed one in this article – the Time Hunter. Again, this Minifigure is based on Hunter B-15 from Loki and is a very, very good Minifigure. The helmet piece suits the actual movie prop perfectly, and its shaping is very accurate. On top of the helmet is two sets of prints. One is a few sets of tallies, while the other has ‘B-15’ printed in big, bold letters. The faceprint underneath suits the Minifigure very well.

Time Hunter

The Minifigure is given a cool torso print, but the even cooler print is on the padded armour piece, which just matches in accuracy to the actual prop. The vest that is used for the Minifigure is so well-printed, with detailing all over, along with ‘TVA’ being printed in the very fine text. The cool thing is that this vest is printed over a shoulder pad piece, which adds even more bulk here. C-15 is given arm printing too, which is completely unnecessary – yet a very nice inclusion. The phenomenal detailing continues onto her legs, with more lettering of ‘TVA’ printed on. 

This Minifigure comes equipped with the newer Finn hairpiece, along with another pruning stick, which Mobius used. I also adore the tablet print of all the info! Again, this is probably the most detailed figure on this article, but I recommend Mobius more since he’s a more iconic character. 


Custom Design Minifigure Homebound Wall-Crawler:

I actually own this Minifigure! It retails for £18.95. Firestar toys sent it to me a few months ago to review, and I absolutely love it! This Minifigure is based on the homemade suit from Spiderman: Homecoming. There is one flaw, but I’ll get into that soon. The faceprint for this Minifigure is really amazing! I especially appreciate the small dot detailing in the eye piece, along with the scruffy detailing around the eyes, to make it look like this suit was made at home. The one flaw with this Minifigure is that they didn’t include a hood piece to attach to the neck. That would’ve finished off the Minifigure so well.

Homebound Wall-Crawler

The torso is quite simple, with it looking like it is made from a hoodie (which it is). The zippers, the pickets, and drawstrings just add so much to this homemade look. Even the arms have printing on them! Towards the bottom is a print of a web shooter. Anyways, the Minifigure does also come with red and blue dual moulded legs which is fitting, along with leg printing. Overall, I really love this Minifigure, and since LEGO has not made an official version of it yet, the Firestar Toys option is a very great option.

I hope you guys did enjoy this article, and if you would like to buy any of these Minifigures, make sure to use my code “FSVIVID10” for 10% of your whole order! Take care! Peace!

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