LEGO Harry Potter CMF Series 2: A Quick Look at the New Minifigures

LEGO just revealed images of the Harry Potter CMF Series 2. It’s a mixed bag. Some of the minifigures look spectacular while others were arguably poor choices for a Collectable Minifigure Series. In this article I’ll examine all sixteen minifigures and give you my first thoughts on the new range.

This article contains minor spoilers for the Harry Potter franchise.

Harry Potter

The first minifigure in the CMF series 2 is Harry Potter. The minifigure’s casual attire represents his clothing in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Harry appropriately comes with an Advanced Potion Making book as an accessory. The book is arguably the best part of this minifigure. Opening the book reveals a printed 1×1 tile that depicts Snape’s scrawling notes. Overall, I think this figure is a good inclusion.

harry potter cmf series 2 harry potter

Ron Weasley

The second minifigure in the series is Ron Weasley. The outfit they chose for Ron is extremely accurate to the scene in the Half Blood Prince. I think the arm printing takes this minifigure to a whole new level. He comes with a wand and butterbeer cup as an accessory. I have heard some people complaining that this variant of Ron was a boring choice for a minifigure series. I personally appreciate that LEGO included the minifigure as it means I can put Ron with this series’ Harry and Hermione minifigures to recreate the Three Broomsticks scene. Overall, I think this minifigure is a decent inclusion in the series.

Hermione Granger

The third minifigure in the series is Hermione. Like Harry and Ron, Hermione’s outfit depicts her appearance in the Three Broomsticks Inn. She also comes with a wand and a butterbeer mug. I’m disappointed that the minifigure doesn’t have a faceprint with butterbeer foam on her mouth. It feels like a missed opportunity. I don’t really like this minifigure. I think that LEGO’s yellow colour is probably a tad to vibrant for this particular outfit. Still, I think the minifigure is an appropriate choice for the series.

harry potter cmf series 2 hermione granger

Albus Dumbledore

The fourth minifigure is Albus Wolfrick Brian Dumbledore, as portrayed by Richard Harris in first two Harry potter films. Richard Harris’ portrayal of Dumbledore is probably my favourite character in the Harry Potter franchise. This minifigure is far superior to the Dumbledore that was included in the Great Hall set. This version uses a more accurate white for the beard and hair. It also utilises a new part for the hat and hair piece. On top of this, Dumbledore comes with a new Fawkes the Pheonix accessory. I think this is the best figure in the series. If I could only have one LEGO Harry Potter minifigure, this may well be the one that I’d choose.

Luna Lovegood

The fifth minifigure in the series is Luna Lovegood in her Gryfiindor hat. This figure is undeniably great. My love for the new hat piece knows no bounds. Not only that, the minifigure uses dual moulded legs. It couldn’t get any better. Also, thank you LEGO for including a hair piece so you can display Luna without her hat. It’s a simple thing to include, but it adds a lot to the minifigure’s display value. Another awesome addition to the series.

harry potter cmf series 2 luna lovegood


The sixth minifigure in the series is Griphook. This character’s inclusion surprised me as I suspected they were going to include a Creature minifigure. Griphook is arguably a better inclusion. I like that they gave him an ordinary minifigure head. It helps differentiate the goblins from the house elves figures. The new Sword of Gryffindor piece is a stellar inclusion. I love the red rubies that LEGO was able to embed into the hilt. This minifigure is an incredible addition to the series line up.

Lily Potter

Lily Potter is the seventh minifigure in the series. This minifigure disappoints me. It’s accurate but who wants a Lily Potter minifigure? (Spoilers!) She’s a dead character! She only ever appears in pictures, memories and illusions. It’s just a shame that LEGO chose to depict her over more prominent characters in the Harry Potter franchise. The minifigure is somewhat redeemed by her accessory, baby Harry! I’m going to start a famous LEGO baby collection. Can you imagine baby Voldemort, baby Harry and baby Yoda all in one display?

James Potter

James Potter is the eighth minifigure in the series. This minifigure is just as flawed as the Lily minifigure. I don’t understand why you’d want a minifigure with such a limited amount of screen time. The photo piece is a good inclusion but I don’t think it’s enough to redeem the minifigure. Overall, I think James Potter was a poor choice for the series.


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Ginny Weasley

Ginny Weasley is the ninth minifigure in the series. This minifigure’s dress attire represents the outfit she wore to Slughorn’s Christmas party. This minifigure pairs nicely with the Astronomy Tower set that was released earlier this year. It’s a shame the minifigure lacks an interesting accessory. Still, this minifigure doesn’t disappoint and I think it makes a fine addition to the series.

harry potter cmf series 2 ginny weasley

Fred and George Weasley

Fred and George Weasley take the tenth and eleventh spots in the minifigure series. These minifigures kind of infuriate me. I love Fred and George, but I don’t understand why LEGO felt the need to include both of them in the series. They’re identical and they wear virtually the exact same outfit! Why not just include one of the Weasley twins?? Fans could always get a duplicate of the minifigure if they wanted both of them. On the upside, these minifigures are well done. I like the printed bobble hats. The gambling odds chest accessory means these figures are probably based off their appearance in the Goblet of Fire. The Marauder’s Map piece is another great new piece. Overall, these minifigures aren’t bad inclusions but I wish they’d only included one of them.

Bellatrix Lestrange

Prisoner Bellatrix is the twelfth minifigure in the series. I like this minifigure. I appreciate a getting a female Azkaban uniform. Her sign piece is a brilliant part to get. I can see toy photographers having a lot of fun with this minifigure.

harry potter cmf series 2 bellatrix lestrange

Kingsley Shacklebolt

Kingsley Shacklebolt is the thirteenth minifigure in the series. I’m a little disappointed with this minifigure as I’m not a huge fan of LEGO’s fabric elements. I wish they’d printed more of the minifigure rather than rely on cloth pieces. Is that an unpopular opinion? Let me know in the comments section. Despite not liking the use of cloth elements, I can’t deny that this minifigure has style.

Moaning Myrtle

Moaning Myrtle is the fourteenth minifigure in the series. The ghost style differs slightly from the Nearly Headless Nick minifigure that was included in the Great Hall set. I think she looks pretty great. I’ll be interested to see if she glows in the dark. Tom Riddle’s diary is the perfect accessory piece. This version hasn’t been stabbed by the basilisk tooth. It has a printed tile that says “Hello, my name is Harry Potter”. I’m very pleased with this minifigure’s inclusion.

harry potter cmf series 2 moaning myrtle

Professor Sprout

Professor Sprout is the penultimate minifigure in the series, it’s good to get another Hogwarts teacher. The Mandrake accessory lets this minifigure down a little. I don’t understand why LEGO stopped using the Mandrake piece they introduced in the last series (perhaps this is meant to represent an older Mandrake?). Overall, this minifigure is a decent inclusion in the series.

Neville Longbottom

Last, but not least in the Harry Potter CMF Series 2 is Neville Longbottom. Some people have given this minifigure a lot of undue grief. I appreciate getting another robed Gryffindor torso as it enables fans to create more Hogwarts students for themselves. The minifigure also goes well with the Harry, Ron, Hermione and Dean figures that were included in the first minifigure series. In my opinion, the Monster Book of Monsters more than justifies this minifigure’s inclusion in the series. I’m amazed that LEGO was able to print the book’s tongue. A great minifigure to end the series.

harry potter cmf series 2 neville


Are you pleased with the latest Harry Potter CMF series 2? What minifigures do you want? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. If you enjoyed this article consider checking out some of my other articles on Harry Potter. I’ve been writing a series of articles on creating your own Hogwarts students.


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Minifigure images from Brickset. Character image sources are as follows: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Luna, Griphook, Lily, James, Ginny, Fred & George, Bellatrix, Kingsley, Moaning Myrtle, Prof. Sprout, Neville

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  1. Josh Wright

    Upon reflection I was too harsh on the Hermione minifigure. I recently acquired the character so I can confirm that the torso piece isn’t vibrant in any way. The tan colour is perfect. I think the colours on my screen must have been a little off when I was looking at the official image as the figure looks perfect.

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