Who is Jedi Bob? All about the man, the myth, the legend!

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Have you ever heard of the minifigure Jedi Bob? He’s a LEGO Star Wars legend but many fans have no idea who he is. This article will reveal the truth about this mysterious minifigure. Who was he? What sets was he in? Is Bob an alias? Did he survive the Jedi purge? Will we ever see him again?

Weirdly, this article contains spoilers for the video game Jedi Fallen Order. If you want to play the game with a spoiler free experience, I recommend reading another article (perhaps UrbanBrix’s great article on LEGO Star Wars sets from 2012).

What set was he in?

In 2002 LEGO released a Republic Gunship set to coincide with the release of Attack of the Clones. Set 7163 came with four clone troopers, two super battle droids, a droideka and a mysterious Jedi knight. This Jedi wore a dark grey tunic, a brown hood and wielded a neon green lightsaber. Fans later dubbed this minifigure Jedi Bob as LEGO didn’t name the minifigure.

What do we know about him?

LEGO has scattered information about him across a series of DK books. LEGO first confirmed the character’s name, “Jedi Bob”, in the 2009 DK LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary. The 2011 Visual Dictionary revealed some more details. The book stated that Jedi Bob wore a brown cloak and hood to help the Jedi remain anonymous. The updated and expanded Visual dictionary that came out in April 2019 stated that:

“The end of the Clone wars sees most Jedi killed and the Jedi temple ransacked, with many records lost. All we know about this Jedi (whose name may have been Bob) is that he once flew on a republic gunship.”

Was Jedi Bob based on a Jedi in Attack of the Clones?

No one is sure whether he was meant to depict a specific Jedi Knight from Attack of the Clones. Some fans have argued that he was probably meant to be Jedi Nicanas Tassu. Tassu was the Jedi who tossed Anakin a spare lightsaber in the battle of Geonosis. This theory does hold some weight. Firstly, Bob and Tassu both share remarkably similar facial hair (its uncanny). Secondly, we know Bob and Tassu both fought at the battle of Geonosis. They also both wield green lightsabers. In fact, I’m fairly convinced that the unnamed Jedi was originally intended to be Nicanas Tassu.

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However, there is also some evidence to the contrary. The 2017 Ultimate LEGO Star Wars DK book labelled the character as a “LEGO creation”. If this minifigure was meant to be Nicanas Tassu, surely they would have said the character was based off a Jedi in Attack of the Clones.

Could he be Taron Malicos?

Whilst researching this article I searched “Who is Jedi Bob?” on Google. Google provided a list of related questions that other people had searched. It appears as if someone searched “Is Jedi Bob Taron Malicos?”.

jedi bob queries

For those of you who don’t know, Taron Malicos was a Jedi exile who survived Order 66. He turned to the dark side and fought Cal Kestis on Dathomir. Could he have fallen to the dark side? I mean both characters have fetching beards so the theory isn’t totally out of the question. I’m tempted to subscribe to the theory. I could totally see Jedi Bob becoming a topless Jedi exile. However, I don’t think this was the intent of LEGO or the Jedi Fallen Order creators.

Could Jedi Bob appear in LEGO Star Wars the Skywalker Saga game?

With LEGO Star Wars the Skywalker Saga being released later this year many fans will be wondering if he will be a playable character within the game. Nathan Morris actually started a petition on change.org to have Jedi Bob added to the game. He argued that the character should be added as an unlockable Easter egg. The petition already has over 300 signatures. However, it is probably too late for the developers to add him if they haven’t already. One can only hope some developers spotted the petition and listened to the fan requests.

jedi bob petition

The Skywalker Saga game will supposedly have around 500 playable characters so it wouldn’t surprise me if he makes a triumphant return.

Will he ever return in minifigure form?

LEGO held a fan vote in early 2020 to determine what a future LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series set would be. The Republic Gunship won the competition with over 50% of the vote, in part due to the fierce campaigning of several YouTubers.  Could Jedi Bob make a comeback in a UCS LAAT?

I think the chances of a new Jedi Bob minifigure have never been higher. The UCS fan vote had a minifigure suggestion box. YouTubers such as MandRproductions asked their fans to request the inclusion of a Jedi Bob minifigure. The creation of a 501st battle pack proves LEGO listens to their fans and takes their feedback on board. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if LEGO bowed to fan demand and included a Jedi Bob minifigure in the set.

How can I get my hands on the legendary Jedi Bob?

Unfortunately, due to the characters notoriety within the LEGO Star Wars community, Jedi Bob minifigures are expensive and hard to come by.

custom jedi bob

Fortunately, it is easy enough to part together a minifigure that closely resembles Jedi Bob.  I recommend using Ben Kenobi’s torso and a pair of dark brown legs. If you want to give him a classic look, I suggest using a yellow head piece and a classic brown hood piece. However, if you want to update your Jedi Bob minifigure I recommend using a pale flesh head and LEGO’s new open hood piece. To complete the look, I suggest adding one of FireStar Toys custom cape pieces.


Thanks for reading another FireStar Toys article. I hope you’ve learned something new about the man, the myth, the legend, Jedi Bob. Do you think he was originally meant to be Nicanas Tassu? Or maybe he is Taron Malicos? Do you have your own theory? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section. I’d love to hear your opinion on the subject.


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Images for this article were taken from Wookieepedia, LEGO Ideas and Brickset – (believe it or not Jedi Bob has his own Wookieepedia page!)

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