The LEGO Zombie Apocalypse Is Nigh

LEGO Zombie - Group of LEGO Zombies

It’s Halloween season in LEGO City – and you know what that usually means. Brickbucks are selling their world-famous pumpkin-spice Blokacchinos, and the minifigures of LEGO City are donning their favourite costumes as they head out to trick or treat for the tastiest treats in all of LEGO City! All the celebrations mask a far darker occurrence however. Once a year, on the darkest of nights, the deceased minifigures of LEGO City rise from their graves with a lust to eat your minifigure’s brains – piece by piece. There is scarcely anything your minifigures can do to stop this – but we are going to explore some of the accessories which can get you through the LEGO Zombie Apocalypse on this spook-tacular day.

Strap in everyone – because the LEGO Zombie Apocalypse is nigh.

LEGO Zombie Closeup

It All Starts with the Zombies

 It all starts with the Zombies – the evil creatures which have come back from the dead to track down the occupants of our LEGO cities and attempt to feast on them within their sleep. There are several undead corpses which can be found shambling through the streets of LEGO City – all aimlessly searching for the next brains which they can feast upon. Your LEGO City residents best be careful, as the Zombie Driver and the Zombie Chef are just two of several zombies who may be found lurking in the dark and shadowy cemeteries of the LEGO world.

The Zombie Apocalypse doesn’t end there however – as Pirates, Cheerleaders and Businessmen have all been affected by the ever-consuming need to feast upon a living minifigure’s flesh. In short, your minifigures aren’t safe – as there are zombies lurking everywhere. The best bet is to find a form of transport and get out of LEGO City quickly. Luckily, we have just the recommendations for how your minifigures can escape post-apocalyptic doom.

LEGO Police Helicopter and Bike


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It’s Time to Bug Out

If things have got too intense in LEGO City, then there are a variety of different rides your minifigures can use to escape the Zombie carnage. One of our personal favourite get-away vehicles is the Police Helicopter. Packed with two heavy-duty rotors, and plenty of space to evacuate multiple minifigures, this is the perfect vehicle which your minifigures can use to get far-away from the reaching hands and snapping jaws of the hordes of the undead. The downside, however, is finding a landing zone big enough to accommodate this bad-boy – so that is where some of the smaller vehicles might be a better choice for your LEGO minifigures.

Vehicles like the Dirt Bike and Motorbike provide your minifigures with agile, nimble and fast ways to get far away from the suburban blood-baths and deep into the safer reaches of LEGO city’s rolling hills and beautiful countryside. Whilst your minifigures can zip away from all their troubles, it’s important to remember that they can’t drive forever – no matter how many fuel cans they top up for the journey! That is where the next most important step comes in – finding a building which they can fortify and prepare for the inevitable undead siege.

LEGO Zombie BrickArms MK19

Preparing for The End

Once your minifigures have found their dream sanctuary far from the reaches of LEGO City’s towering skyscrapers and buildings, it is important that they prepare for the inevitable onslaught of Zombies who will be trailing behind, waiting for their moment to strike. Finding a building is one thing – but fortifying it is another thing entirely, and you will need to make sure that your minifigures have all the necessary items they need to defend their new homes successfully. In true horror fashion, we recommend getting your minifigures to board up their sanctuaries with an assortment of wooden tiles. Elements with words like ‘Keep Out’ scrawled on them can also keep away would-be bandits and criminals who have long since escaped the confines of LEGO Prison Island.

This is only one part of the puzzle, however, and it is important to have your minifigures prepared with an assortment of different weapons which they can use to protect themselves. Whether it’s a stationery, highly-advanced turret designed to tear through hordes of rotting corpses, or just a simple good-old aluminum baseball bat, make sure those minifigures are fitted out with enough tools to defend their new-found home. And who knows – if they manage to survive, they might even make a handful of friends in the new world which unfolds!

Brick Grimes and Shaun of the Dead

Staying Favourable with Surviving Minifigures

In the post-apocalyptic wasteland, all kinds of characters will be vying to be the top minifigures around, so it is important that your minifigures find out who these people are and stay in their good books so that they stand the best chance of survival. These new-found leaders could be anyone, but there are generally a good few places to look. Police Officers who managed to escape the manic fall of the LEGO City Police department may find themselves thrust into positions of leadership – perhaps anointing themselves as Sheriffs within the new world.

Equally, you may find that old-school bikers begin to find power, using their skills with weapons like crossbows and knives to carve out their own place within a new and scary world. Indeed, you’re likely to find that all kinds of people will come to power after the great apocalypse begins – with individuals from all walks of life coming to power. Even an employee of a lone electric shop worker may find himself thrust into the limelight as they are on the hunt for survival.

With so much competition, supplies will be in competition…

Brikz Baked Beans

Helping Your Minifigures Survive

 Make sure your minifigures keep all their supplies close so that they can survive the fallout in the post-apocalyptic world. The building blocks of the LEGO world will be gone for good, so every can of Brikz Baked Beans and every tin of Brikz Tomato Soup will suddenly be in high demand. You’ll want to make sure that your minifigures have crates of these provisions stocked up and stored ahead of judgement day so that they stand the best chances of survival. In time, your minifigures may even be prepared to begin to produce fresh foods – meaning they may eventually be able to eat Apples, Grapes and Bananas once more.

Whatever supplies you decide to collect for your minifigures, make sure that they can keep them for a long time – as there won’t be any Pizza Trucks or Corner Restaurants for several years after the outbreak. Whilst places like the Parisian restaurant may have once looked appealing to an aspiring minifigure, it is important to remember that these places are gone.

Your minifigures are thrust into a new kind of life – and one which they must survive at all costs.

LEGO Zombie

So how can they survive?

 Well, as you can see in this article – we’ve explored a little of how our accessories can help your minifigures escape the Zombie Apocalypse. Whether you’re looking for new weapons for your minifigures, new zombies to join the undead ranks or something else entirely, it’s important that you stock up for your minifigures. If you can survive this Halloween, and are able to escape the clutches of the undead, then an award waits for you – an exclusive discount code as our thanks for your continued support.

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